No response, no emotions, everything was plain since that day; the day of my birth. I looked around only to see people experience emotions that I have never experienced. I felt empty that was the only thing that I experienced for years. No matter what I did nor how much I accomplished, emptiness was my only company.
Maybe the creator felt bad for me I guess that's why he gave me the gift of remembering things for longer than a human being could. I bet you he even contemplated whether I'm gonna be able to survive around human beings, that's why I wasn't alive when I was born.
"A miracle!" that's what they called it. "It's a miracle that she's alive, but we're sorry about your wife," said the Doctors to the man who cried as he held the hands of the women laying on the bed beside him. Pain, that was the first emotion that I saw someone experience. Maybe that's why somewhere along with my emptiness, pain came to keep me company.