I've always struggled with loving myself. I do, it's just certain things trigger me to not, if you know what i mean. Anyways I've been trying to improve my love for myself and I want to share how I'm doing that to help others. PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT!!

1. Stop caring about other peoples opinions
Why? because certain things going on their life and beliefs influence what they tell you. So what they tell you isn't what you want to hear and they don't consider your best interests at heart. Also your opinion is the only one that matters since you know what you want, you just need to convince yourself and block out negativity

2. Accept your flaws
yea that sounds weird but this will help on the long run. accepting your flaws means that you will start to look at them differently and do something to change it. do whatever you want to make yourself happier as long as it doesn't hurt you physically or mentally. your flaws make you beautiful and unique from others. and to be honest not many people pay attention to your flaws it's just you judging yourself. hopefully you'll learn how to love the things you used to dislike about yourself.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others
this is something that's very toxic for your mental health. take a break from comparing yourself to others. you are beautiful in your own way!! you are unique and someone will love you one day for that.

4. Give yourself compliments
this may seem cocky, but no. if you look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself your beautiful it will give you a boost of optimistic mentallity. also taking pictures and videos of yourself can make you more confident.

5. Get rid of all toxic people
all those toxic people in your life can really mess with your mind. they want to see you at your worst but don't let that happen. if you keep them in your life they will eventually make you feel at your worst. so please if you feel like someone is toxic cut them off. this really affects your trust issues on the long run

6. Listen to uplifting music
listening to certain songs can make you feel like your not alone in whatever your going through. also some songs really make you think your that boss you are and lift your confidence.

that's it for this article ! i hope you learn from my tips and use them:) remember that if you don't love yourself you won't be able to love someone else romantically. so please learn to love yourself, if you need to talk message me on instagram (link in bio) !