When a new schoolstart arrives, it can be hard to know how to prepare or what to do. Here you got some advice!

1) Find out what the course it about. It is always good to start easy. What are you going to study and how does the layout look for the program? These are the most basic questions and the ground for the studies.

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2) When you know what your studies are you get into the first week by planning. What do you need to prepare? Well, mainly you need some pencils, notebooks and literature. If you can, a computer or access to the internet can SAVE you a lot of time. Take a shopping spree!

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3) Now you can look into the first week. Check out your schedule and plan every day - what days do you want to study? A cleaver thing to do is take all the free time before schoolstart to prepare the literature. Do you have to read something special before schoolstart?

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4) Find out which study-strategies who are good for you. When you are going to study, how you are going to study and if you are alone or with friends. Do you need to be in a certain room or place to keep your focus? In which way can you focus the best?

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5) It will go well! Struggle on with your studies, it will pay off in something very good afterwards. And even if someone dosen't tell you, YOU ARE GOOD!

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