personal information:

name: ava boucher
birth date: 04.07
nationality: german
zodiac sign: cancer


hair image Image by nelle.
fair skin, bue eyes, short brown hair, 1,55 / 5'0", freckles.


purple, aesthetic, and outfit image purple, shoes, and aesthetic image purple, aesthetic, and sunglasses image fashion, purple, and outfit image
she has an unique style, kinda mixing styles between the 70s and the new era.


cool, sky, and grunge image cool, Lyrics, and music image quotes, funny, and joke image halsey, quotes, and people image
understanding, honest, wayward, creative, bossy, resilient, open minded.


aesthetic, purple, and japan image adorable, aesthetic, and bedroom image cake, purple, and food image anime and aesthetic image
gaming, drawing, baking.


blue, converse, and girlfriends image purple, quotes, and ariana grande image quotes, atom, and perfect image aesthetic, blue, and soft image
dating her girlfriend lily.


aesthetic, animation, and bakery image anime, gif, and cake image
studying digital arts on CUNY hunter college.

that's all, thanks for reading :)