Hi loves sorry for not posting. I'm back to posting tho. In today's article I will be showing you my dream house.

The house

luxury, house, and pool image


house, entrance, and photo image

The living room

Image by FabSouthernDiva Image by FabSouthernDiva home, house, and living room image home, house, and interior image
coffee table / flat screen tv / plants / big windows / beige / comfy couches

Dining room

chair, design, and dining image apartment, chairs, and condo image decor, dining room, and home image dining room image
Where we would eat on special occasions like thanksgiving / birthdays / Christmas / Easter etc.


decor, home, and interior design image collection, cosy, and modern image baking, dough, and sweater image clean, kitchen, and simple image
spacious / kitchen table where we eat on days that are not holidays / doors that lead to the patio / always baking / always cleaning

Outdoor Patio

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boho, office, and decoration image home, house, and interior design image
cozy / small / private / plants / lots of natural light


room, bedroom, and bed image home, interior, and room image aesthetic and vintage image Image removed
cozy / small / my private space / a mirror / plants / photos on the wall / a nice view


Image removed Image by Irena15 christmas, winter, and cozy image flowers, bath, and rose image
Spacious / small tub / big shower / a nice view / ideal for relax


attic, living room, and modern image bedroom, attic, and interior image attic, bathroom, and restroom image decoration, fairy lights, and inspiration image
Cozy / a guest bedroom / a guest bathroom / a great hangout place / place for parties / natural light / plants / spacious


bedroom, home, and make up image closet, goals, and luxury image Image by FabSouthernDiva closet, home, and luxury image
Spacious / an area to store all of my makeup products / a place to do my makeup / big mirrors / a place for my shoes / a place for my clothes

Dance studio

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Garden with:

garden, hawaii, and home image aesthetics, inspo, and luxury image
swimming pool
colors, firework, and friday image wedding, light, and party image 80, Best, and blond image candles, celebrate, and chandelier image
Great place for parties / weddings etc.

This is the end! I hope you enjoyed