She woke up early in the morning by the vibration of her phone. "It must be 8 am"- she thought, that's when her iPhone switches from do-not-disturb to normal mode.

do not disturb, iphone, and dnd image

Time to wake up, she thought but wasn't really feeling it in her body. She again opened her eyes and looked at the window. It's gloomy outside, the crazy wind is making the trees bow towards her window back and forth.

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"I can wake up a little bit late today"- she thought, after all, who wakes up this early on such a rainy day! Everyone's enjoying a little freedom to stay in bed for some extra few minutes by default. She again closed her eyes to go back to her unfulfilled dreams.

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"Wait, who was that who texted me this early in the morning?" Her thoughts brought her back from the sleepiness.
She opened her eye mask, grabbed her phone, looked at the text from her notification bar.

"Hi, I saw you on a video on youtube and looked up for a way to connect to you. I know it will sound a bit crazy right now. Will you be willing to........"- she could read this much from the notification bar.

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"Hmm, someone likes me"- she thought, "wait, what if it's something else?" she kept thinking, she can't just open the message right away, it may portray her as lazy and have no life, checking phone all the time, even at this hour. She can't respond to a guy within few minutes of the text she received!
She decided to sleep.

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Ughh, vibration again! Who is it again? She checked her phone. Oh, it's a message from the cellular network provider. Wait, why can't she see the previous message from the guy in the notification bar?
She unlocked her phone, opened her Instagram DM. Bam, there was nothing. No new message.

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She refreshed the inbox by dragging the screen down. Still nothing. The text is gone. The sender unsent the message!

Image by ์ผ•์•Œ๋ฆฌ

They say words are like arrows. You can't take back what you say.
Then who and why the hell they invent this "unsend" option? She'll never get to know who's the guy and what he wrote to her! And there goes her precious rainy morning sleep...

Image by Leregi Renga