I really want to find my style because I'm ready for a change and I need my style to reflect my personality. So here's some pictures of the aesthetic I would like to achieve.
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Simple fits with a little statement piece like a jacket or some shoes.
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I need to accessorize more. I really like the look of layered jewelry. the only accessories I ever wear are rings. I really wanna get into necklaces tho.
fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image fashion, style, and aesthetic image
Baggy clothes like this are so cute to me.
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I think these tiny shoulder purses are really nice statement pieces. I'm really not a purse girl but still. I would like to one day have the white Louis Vuitton one.
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Sets are so easy to throw on and they'll always look good because they match.
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I want unique pieces of clothes that you don't see a lot and are different. Depop and thrifting are places I plan on finding pieces like this.
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Jordan 1's are so beautiful to me. They're just so clean looking and they can go with so many outfits. If i had the money i'd be a Nike sneaker head.
That's all.
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