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โžŠ float around with jungkook in a private pool or take underwater selfies with jungkook and jimin ?

aesthetic, boys, and icons image jk and jimin image
take a selfie with jikook underwater

โž‹ walking along the beach holding hands with suga or hang out with jimin and play with a cat you both found on the beach ?

Image by แด˜ษช mochi, bts, and jimin image
hold hands with suga while walking on the beach

โžŒ spend a day on a private island with rm drinking coconut water or spend a day playing tennis with jhope ?

bts image bts, seokjin, and yoongi image
spend a day with namjoon on an island

โž go on a hike with jin, discover a waterfall and take a selfie with him or bump into taehyung while shopping in new york and snap a quick picture of him ?

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go on hike with jin, discover a water fall and take a selfie

โžŽ have jungkook be your baseball coach at summer camp or have suga teach you how to spin a basketball ?

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jungkook as my baseball coach

โž get private skateboard lessons all summer from taehyung or hang out with rm at the summer fair ?

tae, bts, and taehyung image rm, bts, and lq image
summer fair with namjoon

โž learn how to wakeboard from jimin or jin ?

bts, lq, and jimin image jin, bts, and lq image
wakeboard from jimin

โž‘ spend a day exploring niagra falls with jhope or sip cocktails on a private yacht for a day with jin ?

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explore niagra falls with jhope

โž’ take turns jet skiing with jk and taehyung or be jin's photographer while sandboards in dubai ?

taekook, bts, and jungkook image jin, bts, and lq image
be jin's photographer

โž“ take turns off roading in a side by side with jimin and jin or be out off roading with your best friend pull up beside two guys, it turns out to be jimin and jin, they do aegyo for you

bts, jimin, and park jimin image bts, jin, and seokjin image
roading side by side with jimin and jin