So my second personality comes out when I visit my family. They live in lower parts of Texas and Georgia. She is a southern belle at heart and is loving her life.

Name: Charlotte Marie
After her mama and grandmama

Fav season: spring

flowers, beautiful, and city image flower, pink, and flowers image bright, cafe, and chair image flowers, pink, and roses image

Lives: Texas

Image by Abigail Beck

Career: wedding planner

wedding planner image bride, luxury, and party image boda, nice, and pinterest image altar, ceremony, and italy image

Favorite movie and tv show:

marriage, dakota fanning, and parallels image Jaime King, rachel bilson, and scott porter image
Sweet Home Alabama and Hart of Dixie


Image by Abigail Beck Image by princessa Image by Abigail Beck Reese Witherspoon image
gardening, writing letters, drinking tea on the porch, and Reese Witherspoon

Is dating a: Cowboy

cowboys, cowboy, and western image country, cowboy, and rodeo image love, couple, and kiss image love, couple, and kiss image

There it is part two.
xoxo Abigail.