This is going to be another article about my body image. As I have been struggling with it for the last 15-ish years. I finally came into terms with my body image.
I am still aging, sadly I will not become any younger. But even with age, we can blossom into beautiful flowers. I have more flaws, and I do have bad genes. Even then I try to look at it positively.

I used to starve myself, I used to overeat. So the biggest challenge was, to finally find a balance. I don't do snacks unless I crave something or feel hungry. But most important rule is: never skip main meals. This taught me a lot. It solved my problem with nailbiting, and it solved my problem with unbalanced eating. I started having breakfast. I don't do exercises, I do yoga because it involves exercises for the body and mind. I feel more in tune with my body because of this. The reason why I overthink a lot about my body, and other issues is, because it makes me feel less present in my overall body. And yoga helps balancing it out.

What works for me might not work for you. And I don't want to be the one who is going to encourage you to do the same. I am talking from experience.

I have been disciplining myself through talking to myself in the mirror. Really looking at myself and into myself. I had to fix my relationship with myself. I hated myself for the longest time. If I am great at hating myself why not challenge myself and say I love you to myself. I am single so it helps when at least one person (me!) says I love you. I started appreciating myself and allowing myself to be alive into this world. I also feel like happiness and self love is linked towards each other. So I also feel a lot more happier.

I also enable myself to eat unhealthy food. I don't restrict myself too much. If I do, then I start craving sugars. I also eat more fiber which is very good for my intestines and overall digestion. Fibers are in oats, fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts.

Since I have been eating better my iron levels are normal for the first time in 6 years. To me this is one of the biggest achievements. And I know that this will motivate me to continue this journey. I feel more rejuvenated, active, more energetic, and my mood and mood swings are a lot lower. I am not in a very fit shape but I do feel healthy and I think that this is the most important thing. Feed your body with nutrients you can never have enough of them. It doesn't matter what shape you are in. You deserve to keep your mind and body healthy, your body is your temple so take good care of it!

I can never guarantee that I am never going to hate myself again. I don't know what life will throw at me. There will be lesser days, but I know that I found ways to appreciate myself. Self love is the biggest achievement of my mindset and that has been translated onto my wellbeing and lifestyle. I can only wish you all, the same. I am sending positive vibes and strength and lots of love to those who still struggle with this. And I can only motivate those who are on the journey or have achieved body positivity and self love - continue on this path.

Love yourself is the biggest advice I am giving you. And nobody deserves to see her/himself as their own enemy. Nobody.

Have a beautiful day, week and life

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