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10 things you want in your dream house

actually I rather an apartment than a house, so yeah xd

sea, sunset, and ocean image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
big windows // mirrors
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swing // wine collection
apartment, bar, and design image dish washer, habitat, and kitchen appliances image
mini bar // dishwasher
Image removed bedroom and plants image
candy station // proyector
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balcony // outdoor space

9 favorite things about your favorite season

flowers, aesthetic, and blue image aesthetic, aesthetics, and flowers image
theme, aesthetic, and travel image city, paris, and travel image
traveling season
bedroom, city, and bed image interior, bed, and bedroom image
morning sunlight
strawberry, aesthetic, and cottagecore image aesthetic, food, and summer image
aesthetic, theme, and flowers image aesthetic, strawberry, and red image
animal, goat, and cottagecore image animal, cow, and flowers image
flowers, love, and aesthetic image flowers and aesthetic image
lots of nature
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flowers, cottage, and ice cream image fashion, look, and outfit image
ice cream

8 songs from your childhood

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katy perry - hot n cold // shakira - loba
Image by Soofía Temporarily removed
julieta venegas - limón y sal // selena gomez - naturally
gif image Temporarily removed
maroon 5 - moves like jagger // all songs from camp rock
Temporarily removed Image removed
vanessa hudgens - say ok // demi lovato - la la land

7 qualities you look for a significant other

beige, fashion, and indie image mojito, party, and alcohol image
aesthetic, alternative, and asia image couple, love quotes, and quotes image
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cold, couple, and holding image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image
aesthetic, messages, and text image boy image
easy going
white, polaroid, and aesthetic image couple, kfashion, and south korea image
open mindded
boy and flowers image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image

6 things you do when you wake up

Image removed girl image
use my phone, strech
breakfast image bath, body, and human image
have breakfast, skin care
room, bedroom, and white image Temporarily removed
organice my room, study

5 fictional characters or celebrities you identify with or are most similar to

Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed twice, kpop, and sana image pink, quotes, and world image drama, icon, and icons image 17, edge, and of image Image removed Temporarily removed
usagi, kourtney, sana, nadine, ariel

4 pet peeves you have

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cat, animal, and aesthetic image Abusive image
pink, eyes, and aesthetic image Image removed
feel of superiority
blue, fashion, and girl image wallpaper, clouds, and aesthetic image
chewing gum

3 colors you wear the most

Image by flus_lakoste_1 fashion, clothes, and luxury image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by Mariana Estriga
aesthetic, white, and cream image Temporarily removed

2 Talents you wish you had

aesthetic, beautiful, and piano image and, elvis, and lisa image
playing an instrument / singing

1 thing you’re looking forward to right now

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not messing up my next u semester