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10. Ten things you would want in your dream home

10. Pool
9. Hidden room
8. Movie theatre
7. Ceiling room
6. Library
5. Hidden bar under the stairs
4. Big closed balcony
3. Fitness room
2. 90s room (I'm obsessed with the 90s and also I really want a room to put all my memories, smth like a nostalgia room)
1. Piano

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9. Nine favorite things about your favorite season

9. Sunsets
8. Warm nights
7. Youth vibe
6. Longer days
5. Adventures
4. New hobbies
3. Storms
2. Free time
1. Cold drinks

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8. Eight songs from your childhood/early teen years

8. One Direction - More than this
7. One Direction - What makes you beautiful
6. Imagine Dragons - Demons
5. Slipknot - Snuff
4. Metallica - Unforgiven II
3. The Amity Affliction - Pittsburgh
2. Lady Gaga - Bad romance
1. Little Mix - DNA

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7. Seven qualities you look for in a significant other

7. Respectful
6. Honest
5. Open-minded
4. Reliable
3. Educated
2. Ambitious
1. Loyal

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6. Six things you do when you wake up in the morning

6. Reach to my phone
5. Stretch
4. Brush my teeth
3. Coffee
2. Breakfast
1. Coffee pt.2

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5. Five fictional characters or celebrities you identify with or are most similar to

5. Misha Collins
4. Daryl Dixon from "The walking dead"
3. Spencer Reid from "Criminal minds"
2. David Rossi from "Criminal minds"
1. Dean Winchester from "Supernatural"

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4. Four pet peeves you have

4. When people are late
3. Late replies
2. When people talk over me
1. When people stare at their phones while we talk

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3. Three colours that you wear the most

3. Yellow
2. Red
1. Black

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2. Two talents you wish you had

2. Singing
1. Acting

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1. One thing you’re looking forward to right now

Roadtrip at 2am

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