Hello everybody! I hope you're having a beautiful day so far. Here are some things to love about summer!

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1. Upbeat music

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I absolutely love summer music. The electric pump and tropical vibes of summer songs make me happy, bright, and energized for my day.

2. Sunshine all day!

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I don't know about you guys but I love the sunshine. There's nothing better than waking up to sunlight peeping through your windows. Plus, with all the sun, you don't have to use as much electricity for lighting.

3. Breezy clothing

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Another great thing about summer is that you can dress in lighter clothing. Fabric can be thinner, breezier, shorter, and this overall is much more comfortable than all the bulky layers in winter.

4. Fresh fruit and veggies

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Probably the best thing about the summer is the food. Because summer is when fruit and veggies in my area are in season. The orchard near my house is open and that means I get the juiciest, tastiest produce.

5. Free time

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I love getting time to myself in the summer. It's really nice being able to wake up when I want, go to bed when I want, and use my time however I desire.

6. Ice cream

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Um but more than anything the ice cream is the best. In my area a lot of ice cream shops aren't open year round, only in the summer season, and so when it's summer I can get custard, water ice, dipped cones, and soft serve to my heart's content.

7. Beach days

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This year I probably won't go to the beach but I almost always go in the summer, when the weather is beautiful, the sky blue, and the water perfectly refreshing. You can't really swim in the ocean when it's winter either.

8. Going outside

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In winter it's just way too cold to go outside comfortably. In spring my allergies are awful due to the high pollen counts. In summer, however, the weather is perfect for walks outside and spending time in nature.

9. Reading

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I feel like everyone reads the most in summertime. During spring, fall, and winter, we're all at work or school and we really don't want to but in summer there's always fresh books and plenty of time so there's no excuses.

10. Time with friends and family

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No other time of the year (except maybe Thanksgiving and Christmas) allow us to spend time with family and friends at this level. And that's really something special.

Do you like summer? Personally it's my second favorite season (after the unbeatable fall season). Be fantastic.