OC in songs, 4

"Juliette", Jackson C. Frank

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I just felt the need to add a song with her name and the song it's soo soothing...
"Cloud covered people, come dance 'neath the steeples of wonder."

"Hurts like hell", Fleurie

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As she discovers more of her family, she wonders if she is even willing to learn more of it and risk breaking into pieces.
"How can I put it down into words when it's almost too much for my soul alone?"

"Moderation", Florence + The Machine

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She sceptically watches girls crying in heartbreak from the window of her room as she smokes a cigarette with slight disappointment.
"You think you need it, you think you want love. You wouldn't want it if you knew what it was."

"Violin Sonata in G Minor 'Devil's Trill' I. Largo", Giuseppe Tartini

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She sits down one evening and decides to pour her all into making touching music that tell stories of their own.

"To Build a Home", The Cinematic Orchestra

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Though scare of trusting people, she is in a constant debate within herself as she wonders if she should open herself and build long-term relations with some in Catachan.
"And I built a home for you, for me. Until it disappeared from me, from you."

"Nothing is as it seems", Hidden Citizens

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The night she decides to steal the journal that contained information on her family before studying it - or trying to.
"Caught in the in-between the shadow's disguise and I don't know why nothing is as it seems"

"everything i wanted", Billie Eilish

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Occasional throwbacks with her time spent with her uncle, aunt and cousin before going to Catachan, that used to be happy but that now make her heart ache.
"I had a dream, I got everything I wanted, not what you'd think, and if I'm bein' honest I might've been a nightmare."

"I love my friends", Foster The People

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She laughs at her group's jokes and then realises how much they mean to her. (Though the scene is a bit unrealistic now haha)
"All of my friends, I love my friends. We're a disaster, yeah, you know it's true"

"when the party's over", Billie Eilish

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Her thoughts coming back in the middle of the night, like a typhoon to drown her in sorrow as she is alone once again.
"Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own. I could lie, say that I like it like that."

"City Ruins (Rays of Light)", Keiichi Okabe

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If her life was a theme, I think that this would be her.

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