Guess who forgot that she had to post an article today? Me :D

I was going to do something more.. more me... like something really stupid idk, but my idiot ass forgot to plan and now you are having a weird full of memes question article...

you are welcome :D

Next article is on... 23/July.... i think.... crap i hate time. Anyways, i will give myself from 25 to 30 of July for Articles ideas, we CAN'T continue like this my folks, we need to get better xd

great article btw
1. If you could teach one subject in high school, what would it be?
aesthetic and art image art, aesthetic, and statue image

Guys.... i'm stupid... i can't teach anything.... but the topic i best know is literature/history

2. It is brunch, what do you eat?
food, avocado, and aesthetic image avocado, breakfast, and brunch image

whatever that thing is

3. What do you think your biggest strength is?
adapt, change, and words image determination, write, and determinate image

Even tho i'm not the sweetest and heartwarming person in the world, i fucking know how to adapt and use the situations to my favor xd

4. What are your friends like?
funny, scary, and malcolm in the middle image alternative, circus, and clown image

idiots, like meee, okay no. Some of them are super caring, and super intelligent and super cute, but also clowns.

5. Where is one place you would love to visit?
reaction pics and reaction memes image drake and josh, crying, and funny image

THE LIBRARY FROM ALEXANDRIA BUT SOME IDIOTS BURNED IT DOWN (did i pass all history class thinking how to go to the past and try stop them? yeah)

6. What music genre do you listen to?
funny, meme, and reaction image anime, sailor moon, and sailor saturn image

Kpop, and probably Alternative. YA KNOW WHAT?! I listen anything... idk you

7. What is one life lesson that you learnt the hard way?
but im a cheerleader, gay film, and gay movie image lgbt image

don't eat erasers... oKAY no. Accept who you are and be proud of it!

8. Are you high maintenance?
language, funny quotes, and forget image language, memes, and relatable image
duolingo is killing me here

*not maternal english speaker panic *

what does that mean....

9. Where do you see yourself in five years?
Image by mk reaction and meme image


10. What do you look for in a partner?
meme, suga, and bts image bts, suga, and yoongi image

if my partner is not min yoongi... why? okay no sorry. Someone honest and fun to be with.

11. Would you consider living abroad?
definition, funny, and language image comedy, humor, and captions image

If im learning different languages is not because its fun (BECAUSE IS HELL) is because i wanna scape from Colombia.

12. Which celebrity would you want as your older sibling?
boy, kpop, and lee minho image lq, skz, and minho image

non-kpop fans, assume what you want xd, the other ones, you know.

13. Are you currently in a relationship?
meme image the labyrinth image

i'm AlOoOoOoONe and happy thanks ^^

14. What is the scariest movie you have watched?
meme, funny, and reaction image funny, meme, and reaction image

bold you to assume i have watched scary movies

15. Where is the furthest you have been from home?
aesthetic, ghost, and grunge image stranger things, quotes, and mike image

What is further? Spain or French?

16. Do you remember dreams when you wake up?
aesthetic, black aesthetic, and mcr image reaction pic, wholesome meme, and reaction meme image
I'M at a moment in which i will just add random memes as images sorry xd

I don't remember my classmates name... what do you expect from me

17. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
anime, bedroom, and fantasy image Image removed

Probably a virus. Howl's moving castle's movie, YUp

18. If you got some money for your birthday, where will you go to spend it?
book, aztec, and culture image quotes, sarcasm, and sarcastic image


19. Would you rather be overdressed or underdressed?
asian, drama, and korean image mood, meme, and reaction image

i'm always overdressed

20. Do you believe people can change?
Image by 𝙎 gossip girl, bitch, and blair waldorf image

People can but time doesn't - quote by my god Patch Cipriano (or something like that)

21. What is your favorite book?
carry on, snow, and wayward son image carry on, books, and wayward son image
assume what you want, i think my posts/articles say something
22. What three adjectives describe you?

clown, bookworm, polite(? IDK

23. What do you want to be when you grow up?
gay, memes, and reaction image disney, bed, and cartoon image

I wanna be a rock/cat

24. what is your favorite sweet and savory snack?

.... mmmMmmMm idk

25. Who is your favorite actress?
Anne Hathaway, princess diaries, and the princess diaries image funny, Anne Hathaway, and mood image

Anne Hathaway, my wife


If you read all of this shit... wow.... you are great and you have won my heart.

Shoutout to @svtiny because the 99% of the images are from her collection. (hey you, yes you @svtiny, you are great and your meme taste is 100/100)

again, i talked about accepting yourself, and my girls WHI anonymous just posted one article (great btw) talking about this topic. If you want to confess something just:

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