I took the questions from the "if I were in light academia" tag that I already did !


name- ella rose fletcher
age- 19
nationality- british
zodiac- virgo


hair, hairstyle, and aesthetic image aesthetic, dark academia, and academia image lips, mouth, and photography image bird, girl, and skin image


heart, cold, and quotes image aesthetic, black and white, and handwritten image aesthetic, determination, and pride image black, Lyrics, and quotes image
ambitious, mysterious, cold on the outside but is actually nice, confident, determined, cunning


aesthetic, art, and artist image writing and aesthetic image quotes, men, and brain image art, painting, and museum image
sketching, writing letters, watching old movies, going to the museum


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion image fashion, black, and aesthetic image chic, fashion, and look image


black, gucci, and shoes image Temporarily removed aesthetic and glasses image Image removed


Image by witchy hours, coffee, & flowers — a.h academia, academic, and beige image architecture, aesthetic, and art image Temporarily removed


dark academia and james kakgone image beauty, green, and lipstick image girl, blonde, and vintage image boy, retro, and tumblr image
- carston reyes, 19 - sofina borghese, 20 - daphne stevenson, 21 - jeyden Lowell, 19


name- owen barber
age- 20
nationality- british
zodiac- capricorn

gif and benjamín wadsworth image gif, gifs, and benjamín wadsworth image academy, student, and asthetic image Image removed