You'll know you're passionate about something when you lose track of time, when you feel in your element, when your soul feels complete in a way and when everything else in life fades away and your passion is all that matters to you. Passion can come in anything. Sport, music, academically, in the kitchen, on a computer, I could go on and on. And you're not limited to one passion; it is infinite.

Personally, sport is my #1 passion. Tennis is my game; I loved it the first time I hit the ball and I love it even more today. I am a fearless, hard-working and talented athlete. When I am on the court I am a different person. Tennis brings out the best part in me; most of the time 😁. I've learned so many life lessons through it and I've grown so much. I would not be the person I am without it. I love the sport so much I'll do anything to improve. I'll do anything to be on the court. I'll fight for every point, for every day I get to be out there.

Now, in some cases a passion can turn into your purpose and then your career. When you love something so much and it is all you can think about, you're just obsessed; why do something else? Follow your heart not your brain. Your brain might tell you you're crazy or there's no way you could do it but your heart will tell you the truth, always. My dream is to make it to the top in this sport. I will trust my soul and follow the Universe. I know if it is meant to be it will happen.

The awesome thing about having a passion is that the Universe will guide you and show you signs along the way. You'll meet people who have the same passions and who love it just as much as you. Advice will come through many different faces. Experiences will help you in the present and the future. And then you'll realize your passion has turned into your purpose.

We all have passions, tennis is one of many for me. But even if you don't know what you love yet that is ok. Everyone has a different journey, you'll find your's when you are ready. And in the exact moment you find what you love to do, you'll feel truly joyous and free. Run with that feeling. Trust your soul, live your passion and be fearless. - ACE