General information :

name: Dion Simmons
birthday: February 1st
zodiac sign: Aquarius
birth place: Nantes, France


aesthetic, blonde, and boy image Image by Rajvi Image removed tattoo, rose, and boy image aesthetic, boy, and butterfly image aesthetic, skin, and boys image


aesthetic, sad, and crying image aesthetic, iconic, and introvert image aesthetic, personality, and infj image meme image Marvel, memes, and bucky barnes image ariana grande, rain, and ariana image
lonely, introvert, indecisive, awkward, funny, kind.


aesthetic, beauty, and boy image aesthetic, beach, and boy image pink, outfit, and fashion image outfit, aesthetic, and girl image


ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image blue, aesthetic, and ravenclaw image aesthetic, harry potter, and hogwarts image art and painting image

Chestnut wood with Phoenix feather core, 13 and 3/4 inches with unyielding flexibility.

harry potter, wand, and aesthetic image bird, dumbledore, and fire image

Russian blue cat.

aesthetic, animal, and russian blue cat image baby, cat, and animal image

Favorite subjects

charms, floating, and harry potter image green, nature, and plants image harry potter, potion, and fantasy image cat image
Charms, herbology, potions and transfiguration.


book, rain, and autumn image <3, boy, and cat image art, books, and collages image guitar, aesthetic, and theme image
Reading, photography, journaling and playing the guitar.

Favorite foods

tart, crust, and treacle image chocolate, harrypotter, and magic image gryffindor, harry potter, and hogwarts image birthday, cake, and food image
Treacle tart, chocolate frogs, butter beer and birthday cakes.


Image by Private User owl, snowy owl, and white owl image
He has a white owl named Bloom.

Favorite places

library, book, and aesthetic image christmas, harry potter, and hogwarts image beautiful, goals, and harry potter image harry potter, ravenclaw, and hogwarts image
The library, the great hall. the prefect's bathroom and the ravenclaw common room.


actress, hogwarts, and belle image ron weasley, harry potter, and rupert grint image hogwarts image harry potter, luna lovegood, and luna image aesthetic, boy, and sunlight image aesthetic, cute, and black and white image aesthetic, boy, and grunge image girl, beauty, and model image
Ron (griffindor), Hermione (griffindor), Harry (griffindor), Luna (ravenclaw), Evan (hufflepuff), Akane (slytherin), Jaiden (ravenclaw) and Emilia (hufflepuff)

Love interests

girl, beauty, and aesthetic image aesthetic, cute, and brown hair image
Kammie Bennett
harry potter image draco malfoy, harry potter, and tom felton image
Draco Malfoy

Yule ball look

boy, men, and outfit image boy, men, and shoes image aesthetic, boy, and black and white image aesthetic, boy, and glitter image

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