Winter was the only season we could be together. This white icy bridge that stood over the lake was where we first met. Your captivating brown eyes held me frozen in place. She was so beautiful that I melted. Eva was your name.

A smile was painted on my lips as we conversed. There were times where every minute seemed like an eternity. None has taken a route to this bridge since it was not safe to walk on. It would slowly defrost from the burning rays of the sun. Now every winter, we would go ice skating in my village.

We go together like the winter and a sweater. You’re the one who found me in my lonely kingdom. Sometimes, we would have coffee together to endure the cold. Our love for each other only grew. I was happy with that and you were too. One cold night, you returned to me the necklace I gave you. No words escaped your lips with the sound of faint footsteps leaving me.

“Wait! I love you.”

But still, you didn’t listen.

She gave up and dropped her body to the lake.

~Written by me during in my english class