Disclaimer, this is just for fun and is based on the 365 days life style, I know very well that mafia is not a game please don't come at me, this is just an oc. Enjoy!

Name: Marianna Romano
Nationality: Italian
Birthday: 3rd of February
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

black, toronto, and buildings image dior, hotel, and luxury image paris, breakfast, and travel image girls & fashion image money and dollar image Image by cocobuttah


girl, blonde, and curly hair image art, light, and human image Image by BonjourBabe eyes, green, and eye image lips, car, and mirror image Image removed


community, New Hampshire, and agorism image quotes, woman, and feminism image ravenclaw, logic, and aesthetic image quotes, reading, and text image aesthetic, doctor who, and dw image create and quotes image


fashion, black, and jewelry image fashion, heels, and shoes image bag, chanel, and black image fashion, black, and style image fashion, dress, and rihanna image weloveit image

Code name: Belladonna

actress, inspo, and movie image car, night, and dark image car, luxury, and Lamborghini image pjo, percy jackson, and annabeth chase image aesthetic, alternative, and murder image black, dress, and fashion image
She plans and rarely gets her hands dirty



cars, exotic, and girls image aesthetic, entertainment, and italy image dog and luxury image alternative, beautiful, and quote image aesthetic, black, and quotes image black, dark, and guns image
Francesco Romano, his code name is diavolo meaning devil


gun, fur, and grunge image diamonds, luxury, and necklace image Image by Private User everything, family, and text image italy, mafia, and italiano image chanel, estilo, and fashion image
Benedetta Ferrari, her code name is contessa it means countess


black and white, hp, and dark image maxon, alternative, and boy image header, icon, and layout image black, blackandwhite, and music image bmw and ele bele image aesthetic and suit image
Filippo Romano, his code name is principe meaning prince


blogger, gq, and british image cards, black, and poker image ok image aesthetic image couple, black, and sexy image champagne, drink, and luxury image
Maksim Orlov, he is the heir to an important russian family, his family controls the majority of gambling in russia and they own several casinos