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✉ : I'm not out of ideas, I just wanted to try this idea because BuzzFeed has some really fun kpop quizes. Please enjoy!

inspired by

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⋆ Which NCT 127 member are you? ⋆


You're a gentle soul, a homebody, and one of the best, most reliable friends anyone can have!

gif, doyoung, and nct image
Introvert check

⋆ Which Kpop song should you listen to based on the bedroom you design? ⋆


"Butterfly" by LOONA

aesthetic, beautiful, and butterfly image
Omg today I was singing randomly this song, like out of nowhere. That's odd!

⋆ Create a kpop boy group and we'll guess your sign. ⋆


Add one Cup of charisma, one cup of passion , and combine to form the amazing being that is you. Your confidence and determination help you dive headfirst into any challenge, while cheery disposition helps others trust you in doing the same.

gif, kpop, and sunwoo image
I'm a Taurus, but my Venus is in Aries so I often act like one.

⋆ Which members of NCT would be your zombie apocalypse teammate and would you survive? ⋆


Mark & Haechan!
You almost survived! You just got to the safe house when Haechan made a joke and you and Mark laughed a little too hard and well... let's just say some zombies heard you. Sorry!

couple, jungwoo, and doyoung image
Okay but this is way too funny! and I got my babies so I'm happy. Last day with my biases :))

⋆ Everyone is a combination of a "Stranger Things" character and a BTS member - Here's yours. ⋆


Min Yoongi and Jim Hopper!
You're like Sugar and Hopper! Although you may come off a little cold when people first meet you, you quickly start to warm up with new people once you get to know them. Like both Jim and Yoongi, you love to take care of those you love!

gif, seokjin, and hoseok image
Woah... This is quiz is so weird but fun 😆

⋆ What role would you have in a kpop group based on the song you pick? ⋆



japanese, korean, and kpop mv image
Yeah, I'm not good at singing, dancing or rapping either

⋆ Can you pass this quiz and debut as a kpop idol? ⋆


So close!
You got into the company of your dreams and trained for a few years, but never officially debuted. Don't lose hope! Maybe try switch to another company?

skz, stray kids, and gif image
Nevermind I joined JYP just to see Hyunjin xD

⋆ Comfort a friend and we'll reveal which combination of an ATEEZ and Stray Kids members you are. ⋆


Seonghwa and Lee Know
You are a person who seems really cold at first but then, when people know you, you are a real sweetheart. You have a really big heart and you are a really good friend. You are probably the most quiet of your friend group. You don’t love to be the center of the attention because you don’t know how to act. You can be very awkward sometimes but it’s a part of your charm. You really love animals and you are very clean too!

kpop, ateez, and seonghwa image stray kids, minho, and lee know image
It is so interesting because they say almost the same thing to every quizz, I think these are pretty accurate. It is true anyway

⋆ Which Stray Kids album are you most like? ⋆


I Am Who
You have a cool vibe and a playful personality. You're aesthetic and simplistic. You are really chill most of the time and also fun! You probably like more upbeat music rather than slow music. You also either have a sparklingly clean room or a really messy one.

gif, kpop, and minho image
man... so true and I really like this album!

⋆ Can we guess your zodiac sign from your favourite BTS songs? ⋆


You are famous for your stubbornness, but there's more to them than that! You're a bit of a dark horse. Ruled by the planet Venus, they share traits of beauty, artistry, hedonism, and a love of luxury and comfort.

gif, jin, and lq image
Yay, they guessed right

⋆ Which maknae are you based on your favourite kpop songs? ⋆


Lalisa Manoban
You are goofy and unique just like Lisa! You don't strive to be like others but be true to yourself. You're also a low-key flirt so everyone should watch out for you and your witty charm!

gif, blackpink, and lalisa manoban image
This description is totally about me! And I love Lisa <3

⋆ Which members of NCT 127 and BTS are you most like? ⋆


Taehyung and Johnny
You got Taehyung and Johnny! You love to express yourself through creative means, be it through arts, music, or making a cup of coffee! You strive to become a very mature, respectful individual.

bts, taehyung, and v image boys, icons, and johnny image

⋆ Can we guess if you're an angel or a devil based on your favorite kpop songs? ⋆



gif, kpop, and red velvet image

⋆ Which song from Ateez's new album are you based on the dinner you make? ⋆


Aww! you captivate everyone you meet with your glittering personality! Just like this anthem of ambition, you lead others around you and encourage them to be their best selves!

wooyoung, yunho, and mingi image
ok but this is too cute and Precious is one of my fav Ateez songs

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⤥ ℳ𝒚 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓 𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒍𝒆𝒔

⤥ ℳ𝒚 𝒍𝒂𝒔𝒕 𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒍𝒆

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✉ : These quizes were really fun! I made much more but I shared the most interesting, I really liked the one with zombie apocalypse! I left the links so you can take the quizes as well!

Stay healthy and positive.

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