Hey guys!This article is about my wanna be dream cast for barbie the dream house adventures !So take a look:

gossip girl, blake lively, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image aesthetic, fashion, and outfit image dog, animals, and pet image fit, inspiration, and motivate image
Barbie Roberts: Barbie as we all know is the perfect girl ,the girl that can pull out anythimg from outfits to every achievement.She is the most popular girl in the school ,everyone loves her except her "frenemy" Raquelle obvi.Her dinstictive colour is PINK ofcourse what else! most likely to become famous
Nina Dobrev image blue, fashion, and style image pearls, white, and jewelry image chocolate, cupcakes, and food image
Teressa: Teressa is Barbie's bestie.She is ambitious and always wants to have all the comforts.Also, she is very talented with a beautiful voice and she likes baking cakes !At school she is popular but the thing she cares about the most is having good grades and a good reputation that will help in high school and in her future life! Most likely to get marry first

Summer :
Summer is the athletic girl of the gang !She is funny and some will say that she is the dumb one but the truth is that Summer has humour and is an competitive tennis player!Her ginger hair are awesome!At school she is quiet in the class as she is not very interested but she is number one at gymnastics!

madelaine petsch, riverdale, and smile image pink, aesthetic, and ball image aesthetic, fashion, and girls image and, english, and Get image
Most likely to win an olympic metal
victorious, elizabeth gillies, and jade west image fashionista fashionable, animal print, and oversized denim jacket image quotes, reality, and life image camera, photography, and photo image
Raquelle : Raquelle is one of the most talentented students of the school!She is very good at drama class that's why she doesn't like Barbie because she feels like she comes number 2 whenever she is around and she wanna change that!She is the diva of the school and everyone fears her and she enjoys it!She kinda is the mean girl that camera loves! Most likely to outcast everyone
college, football team, and korea image beautyfull, nature, and cute image quotes, aesthetic, and gold image ball, balls, and beige image
Ken: Ken is the golden boy.He is popular,handsome and captain of the football team! Most likely to successed
guitars image black, boy, and leather image Image by JacyLand99 music, aesthetic, and notes image
Ryan: Ryan is Raquelle's twin brother.He is a punk who loves rock music.He wants to be an artist and more specific a rockstar,he often writes songs and perfoming them with his bandmates!At school he is part of music class and hangs out with his gang including sometimes Ken! Most likely to become a rockstar
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Nikki Watkins: Nikki is best friend with Barbie and Teresa.She is funny,sassy and outgoing.She has a blog abot fashion and gossips(that Teresa loves)!At school she popular as a fierce personality! Most likely to become president

That's it guys! This is my dream cast for barbie series!I hope you like and please give a heart!love ya