so recently, i have been trying to get some make up tips for a beginner in my journey of at least settling on some make up look that i'll include in my schedule.

this has led me to doing some research on the same. i mean even though am an amateur, it doesn't have to be written all over my face, you know.

so, i gathered some points that i think will help someone out there like me.

1. know and understand your skin type. knowing your skin type will initiate the type of makeup you will use and still you'll be able to keep your skin as healthy as ever.

2. understand your starting point. this simply means that know where you want to begin, do you want to start with foundation, lipsticks, eye makeup or what exactly. this will help you narrow down on what to buy first.

3. do some research on some of the ingredients harmful and helpful that are commonly used in make up products. believe me when i say that ingredients are the source of a glowing skin and at the same time the source of a long term skin problem. therefore be ware.

4. when buying the products, buy affordable products with a good ingredient list. kindly don't go to the high end without having the experience, but well, if you have the money to, please buy what is affordable based on your budget, and do not forget the ingredient list.

5. last but not least, once you begin using the purchased make up products, loose anything that reacts negatively to your skin, before its gets worse.

do not forget to drink enough water yo keep your skin healthy.
kindly let me know if you benefit from the list.
stay safe.

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