i wake up at 9 am, fully rested and ready for the day. i had a nice dream and the birds woke me up. i turn on my favorite song, strawberry blond by mitski, as i get into the kitchen. the water for my morning coffee is boiling. i call for my pets, my dog and my cat. they happily run around me as i go to the shelf where i keep their food. when i give it to them they seem to smile, my heart feels warm. no stress, no work, no problems. i take my dressing gown and my coffee. outside of my home is a bench. i sit down and watch the nature bloom. the flowers in my garden are wide awake. i stand up to water them, as my cat enters the garden. i pet him, his fur is soft. i feel relaxed. i breathe in and out. the air out here is fresh. it smells like wet grass and pine trees. i go back inside and jump under the shower. the water drops falling on my warm body are cold. i feel good. i don't need a hot shower, i already feel warm and relaxed. my wardrobe is full of nice, vintage dresses and suits. i choose a green one with brown and white details. i remember when i got it, it was a rainy day and i went thrifting with my significant other. it was way too long for me, but my mother sew it smaller. i'm so thankful. i brush my hair and look into the mirror. i am beautiful. i am happy. i feel good. i go outside with my dog and close the door behind me. i jump on my bike and ride down the small path. my dog follows me joyful. we arrive at the small coffeshop with the red roof and green door. i go inside where i already see my significant other. we kiss. i'm filled with love and joy. i take on my work apron and start watering the many plants in- and outside of our little shop. my s/o is sorting the books back into the shelfs. a few customers enter the house. my partner is taking their order, i start to make their coffees. they sit down on a small table next to the big window, talking and laughing. my s/o brings the order to them. i allow myself to eat one of the freshly baked pastries. it's still warm and very sweet. i feel so good.