Hey guys!

In today's article I want to create a moodboard of how I'd like a restaurant to look like if I owned one! :D

I was inspired by:


1. Storefront

vintage, flowers, and shop image cafe, vintage, and aesthetic image

2. Indoors

cafe and theme image aesthetic, background, and theme image Image removed Temporarily removed

3. Outdoor area

travel, coffee, and food image theme, aesthetic, and background image cafe, commercial, and outdoor image

4. Decor

asia, asian, and cafe image cafe image asia, asian, and cafe image Image by Ida Astrid

5. Drinks

drink, aesthetic, and food image breakfast, goals, and menu image cocktail, drink, and yummy image cocktail, drink, and yummy image

6. Food

6.1. Salads

avocado, grapefruit, and salad image Image removed Image removed

6.2 Main Course

Image removed food and drink image beverage, burger, and delicious image Temporarily removed

6.3 Dessert

cake, purple, and food image Temporarily removed cake, cherry, and dessert image cake, dessert, and food image