Hello, hearters!
I'm writing after 02years, I'm overwhelmingly excited to be back, so please brace yourselves because I have ALOT to share.
I feel brand new! to articulate it better here's a quote

I'd love to say that the old me never comes back, but that's not true, she's a part of me, it's all me
- Diane Nguyen (Bojack Horseman)

Today I want to share with you my process of figuring who I am. So let's dive right into it, yeah?

1. Do not define yourself.
Paradoxical eh? hear me out.
None of us know who we really are? At least, I don't, when people ask me to tell about myself, I do not have a definite answer, the reason is I'm a lot of things, some I'm yet to discover. But what I do know is all the things I am not, for that I have a rather definite answer.

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So my advice to you is to instead define:-
your moral values
your beliefs
your ideals and role models
your golden rules to conduct your life
& most importantly
all the things you are not
all the things you don't want to be

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2. Do not accept anything at face value.
As humans we can justify and reason everything, good and bad alike, hence do not ever accept everything at face value, if you come across something you disagree with, analyse it, consider looking at different perspectives, keep challenging your beliefs. View things, people, opinions, etc multidimensionally.
Remember everything can be reasoned and justified but everything is not objectively right

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3. Read and Observe
Reading will transform you, read as much as you can, immerse yourself in the story, participate in it, this will help you develop empathy and perspective.
Observing people will help you better understand your surroundings and
hence alter your reactions.

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4. Express and Communicate
Express your opinions and be open to different opinions.
Communicate with friends and family, if they point out something you can work on, don't take offence, work on it.

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5. Understand the difference between trolls and constructive critics
A lot of people will tell you what you should and should not do, some people will only remind you of your flaws, if you can't tell them from your real support system you will fall into a spiral of constantly doubting yourself, that's no good. It's counterproductive

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That's all for this article,
I hope y'all are doing fine, times are testing, don't force yourself to do or feel anything, take a break, nurture yourself and the people around you.

- Harry Styles

Lots of Love,
Janhavi <3