Hi everyone!
I love old looking stuff, just for this reason I decided to write an article on vintage style. Hope you enjoy!

- Appearance:

hair, hairstyle, and flowers image Image removed aesthetic, sun, and earrings image alma, aesthetic, and beauty image
blue eyes, freakles and blondie hair

- Everyday outfit

aesthetic, flowers, and nature image dress, outfit, and white image fashion, dress, and style image fashion, style, and dress image
summer, beach, and fashion image summer image beach, summer, and girl image blogger, look, and chanel necklace image
aesthetic, bandana, and drink image chanel, aesthetic, and red image shoes, fashion, and aesthetic image Image by Private User

- Activities:

book, summer, and wine image aesthetic, picnic, and green image food, landscape, and picnic image travel, vintage, and clothes image love, couple, and nature image photography, camera, and photo image
picnic on the lake, travel with friends, afternoons in nature

- Music:

piano, aesthetic, and hands image Image removed bands, phonograph, and vintage image music, aesthetic, and flowers image

- Books addicted:

aesthetic, newspaper, and beige image old and vintage image aesthetic, book, and beige image aesthetic, books, and reading image

- Ideal boyfriend:

leonardo dicaprio, boy, and smoke image beach, vintage, and couple image skate and aesthetic image leonardo dicaprio, boy, and young image
a kind of bad boy..
love, couple, and train image couple, love, and dance image
.. but also romantic

- Café:

cafe and vintage image cafe and coffee image food, bread, and coffee image aesthetic, polarr filter, and coffee shop image
old bakery lovers

- Friends:

vintage, 90s, and aesthetic image summer, aesthetic, and vintage image 70s, 80s, and 90s image vintage, car, and beach image