We are all waiting for the moment we can officially travel again!!
Let's plan it out and get even more excited!

First things first

You need to decide, what you lust more? A City break, roadtrip or beach holiday sounds like the next memory in your photo album.

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A City Break

Most of my holidays have been city breaks. It's amazing, it's short and busy, soooo many activities squeezed in, and soooo little sleep..
Whether it is a city you've never been before in your country, or you've decided you want a quick way to visit the whole of a continent, this one is for you!

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A roadtrip

It has to be done! It's an amazing way to travel, if you're still a bit anxious about public places (believe me when I say I still have anxiety being around more people than needed..). This way, all you need to worry about is a comfortable car, cause you'll be spending so much time in it, maybe even sleep there too!

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A Beach Holiday

Getting your post quarantine body (that you absolutely love), into a bikini and sitting on the beach sipping a cocktail, forgetting all your worries!
That sounds about right!
Sun kissed skin, ocean breeze and zen mood, are you already booking your flight?

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You need to think, which country you will be allowed to enter and leave without self-isolation. Although people are expecting the second wave, small countries are doing quite well, considering the situation.. And also they are investing loads into tourism at the moment, so you will be able to go out to a bar/restaurant and taste the local cuisine.

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What to see

This might sound silly, but I rarely use tripadvisor. I like to just hop on the maps app on my phone and scroll onto the city I'm visiting to find places to see. When I was planning my trip to #Miami and #NewYork, I found myself on #Youtube checking out travel videos. Sometimes people will mention local gems they found by accident.
Also, don't forget to ask your friends !!!
Whether it is someone, who lived there, or just visited, tips are always useful!

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I have learned the hard way, I love to overpack! What does that mean? I plan so many outfits in my head I think I will use, but end up carrying unnecessary weight! IF you're like me, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, a dress, and a couple tops will do you just fine! Don't forget comfy snekers and maybe a pair of light comfy sandals for a more going out look..

And if you feel like you need extra? You have all the luggage space to buy something new!

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The struggle is real!!


I really like going onto Google Flights https://www.google.com/flights
It lets you see cheapest days to fly on. But do book it on the actual travel company Google suggests, it will save you middle man charges.
#Airbnb is a must, you might also receive travel credit, when you refer a friend.
But don't brush off #Booking.com, sometimes they have really cute cheap apartments for rent.

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End Note

Best of luck finding your amazing adventure! Let's appreciate travelling even more, after being stuck at home for the longest of times.

So get your friends into a groupchat and start planning!!

If you have more ideas, do not hesitate to share!