hey angels ! i'm sure lists like these have been done before, but these are a mix of apps that help you feel more peaceful when you need it.

some are purposefully made to help you while others are just cute games

sky: children of the light

aesthetic, anime, and illustration image overlays image

the visuals and music are so immersive, the game is peaceful and you have tasks to do in different worlds. super fun when you wanna game but also chill.


Image by thats Image by tenderlygirl

an adorable cat collecting/care game where you have a home to design and you get to pick the partner that lives with you, it can be a girl or boy or whatever you fancy and its super relaxing and fun


doodle image background, clouds, and wallpaper image

a virtual bedroom you can click things for different activities and messages. if you're feeling anxious or worn out this app helps. also it has some witchy things !


bed, sleep, and drawing image asian, drawing, and illustration image

a meditating and sleep app! i mostly use it for sleep and as someone who stays up hours overthinking, this app puts me to sleep so easily.

hope these are helpful and remember if you are struggling with anxious or stressed you can message me to vent <3 support me https://ko-fi.com/luvmel