Sometimes it's
good to be alone

I'm going to be honest I did initially get into Korean music through groups but that opened me up to a world of amazing soloists that I now love.
So here is yet another playlist but this one is dedicated to Korean soloists; these are some of my favourite songs by different soloists covering all different genres. Note: some of these soloists are part of a group.

Korean Soloists Playlist


iu, yellow, and kpop image iu, bbibbi, and aesthetic image

Love Me Harder ‣ WOODZ

love, couple, and kiss image kpop, seungyoun, and uniq image

Runaway ‣ Eric Nam

eric nam image girls, ulzzang, and ulzzang couple image

GRAVITY ‣ Ong Seong Wu

ong, ong seongwu, and seongwu image black, dark, and lights image

Pporappippam ‣ SUNMI

kpop, wonder girls, and sunmi image aesthetic, bedroom, and blue image

Seoul ‣ RM

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Monster ‣ Henry

henry image black, blue, and canon image

I Don't Want U Back ‣ I'll

kpop, singer, and i'ii image summer, travel, and aesthetic image

Gotta Go ‣ CHUNG HA

flowers, aesthetic, and pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Would You Believe ‣ Sam Kim

boys, korean, and kpop image red, aesthetic, and light image

Sofa ‣ Crush

alternative, city, and date image crush and shin hyoseob image
just go listen to his whole discography, you won't regret it

Caffeine ‣ Eyedi

soloist, nam yujin, and eyedi image butterfly, theme, and aesthetic image

Let's Love ‣ SUHO

junmyeon and suho image couple, ulzzang, and love image

Remember ‣ KATIE

gold, glitter, and hands image Image removed


aesthetic, asian, and korea image Image by mery

Stay Here ‣ Gaho

Temporarily removed gaho, plt, and planetariumrecords image

Don't ‣ Loco, Hwasa

Image removed aesthetic, nike, and fashion image

Me Like Yuh ‣ Jay Park

jay park, boy, and jay image hands, couple, and aesthetic image

EVITA! ‣ DeVita

Image removed Image by Kelebek

Press Your Number ‣ TAEMIN

Jonghyun, Onew, and SHINee image flower, hands, and sunset image

You ‣ Golden

g.soul image aesthetic, blue, and hands image

Adios ‣ Hoody, GRAY

solo, umbrella, and dean image aesthetic, grunge, and puma image

Don't know you ‣ Heize

heize and jang dahye image aesthetic, alternative, and flowers image

Tired ‣ Nlve

kpop, singer, and nive image city, photo, and photography image

No One ‣ LEE HI, B.I

lee hi, kpop, and lee hayi image aesthetics, beautiful, and beauty image

Karma ‣ DEMIAN

karma, kpop, and singer image red, pearls, and aesthetic image
An amazing new soloist, my new fav

Yanghwa BRDG ‣ Zion.T

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Square ‣ Yerin Baek

solo and yerin baek image Image removed

Control Me ‣ Colde

aesthetic, glitter, and pink image Temporarily removed