i remember being a 12-year-old girl spending whole nights on weheartit. the only thing you could do was share or heart pictures, and that's what i was doing until i heard the birds whistle and see the sunrise.

now, 10 years later, thát girl is still on weheartit. i have to admit that i can still lose myself on this website for hours if i don't watch out. but there's one thing that i haven't done yet... it's writing an article. let me just tell you one little secret. i'm studying to be a writer/journalist/interviewer, something in that direction. i just don't know exactly what i want to be yet, but i'll find out the older i get and the more i study.

enough talking.. let's start! (i stole the 50 questions from someone else's article which maybe is a little bit long.. might as well split this one in two parts)

✧ what's your favorite current song?
my favorite song is probably kings & queens by ava max. her songs hype me up so much and i've noticed that by listening to happy songs, it just makes my mood for the day much better.

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✧ what's your favorite all-time song?
that's a tough question.. there's so many songs that i absolutely love, but there will always be this one song that means a lot to me. it's 'to build a home' by the cinematic orchestra. this is actually the song i want to have at my funeral. which sounds pretty sad. but it's not. i just love this song so much.

✧ what's your favorite summer memory?
let's just start by saying summer is one of my favorite seasons and if i could live in a tropical country i would definitely do it. no doubt. but my favorite summer memory.. i think it's going to ibiza with my father and exploring every place on the island we had not seen before. we have been there 3 times already so this was our 4th time. we went with the two of us, without my mum and twin sister, so we did a lot of hiking and eating a LOT of good food. it's one of my favorite summer memories. i'll probably have a lot more, so maybe i'll write an article about that someday.

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✧ who's your best friend?
i have always had trouble with finding a best friend. whenever i thought i had found that one person who would do anything for me, it turned out they weren't like that after all. in the past few years, i have learned that my only best friend is my sister. we do have some rough times, but i love her. and she loves me. i would do anything for her.

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✧ what's your zodiac sign?
virgo. although i can't always find myself in the things related to people who are a virgo.

✧ what's your favorite book/series?
i try to read as many books as possible, but most of the time i only read books when i'm on holiday. i do read a lot of dutch books while i'm at home. thrillers, mostly. there's this dutch writer called 'suzanne vermeer' who i really love. her books are easy and fun to read.

but when i'm on holiday, i usually always read english romance stories. i just love to read romance under the bright sun while i'm tanning and enjoying life.

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✧ what's your favorite season?
like i said before, i have a huge love for summer. but i do have a huge love for the winter too. autumn/winter makes me really happy with the cold, the hot chocolate milk, and watching romantic movies on the couch with a blanket. makes me want it to be winter since this summer is going nowhere.

✧ who do you trust most?
myself. it might be a weird answer, but i can always trust myself. i do trust other people very easily, but most of the time they have showed me that i shouldn't have done that.

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✧ what's your favorite childhood tv show?
this might be the easiest question to exist. my favorite childhood tv show has got to be h2o; just add water. i'm almost 22, and i still freaking love this show. i even rewatched all the episodes with my boyfriend and that says a LOT.

there's also this dutch show called "het huis anubis". a lot of you may know it as "house of anubis" or the german one, but i'm not sure what it's called. did you know that this show is originally dutch/belgian? ánd the original is way better than the american and the german one. oops.

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✧ what's your favorite current tv show?
i currently don't have a show which i absolutely love but my favorite show will always be csi. new york, miami, las vegas. i love them all.

and i'm also really enjoying the last season of siren. if you don't know that one, you have to watch it! available on videoland (dutch) and prime video. i'm not sure about where else you can watch it. (it's about sirens/mermaids)

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✧ if you could go back in time would you? if so what would you do?
no. i would not. i would want to go back only to relive the world cup 2010, if i could just go back to now.

✧ where do you want to travel most in the world?
i would love to see the whole world once in my life, but some countries/contents i really want to visit are asia, south america and hawaii.

hawaii is probably where i want to travel to the most. i want to get to know the islands, the people and the way they live over there. i think i can really be myself over there. a bit of surfing and living in the moment.

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✧ have you ever been in love?
twice. i have been in love with some guy in the past, which i'm so glad i'm not together with anymore, and i'm in love now. really in love.

✧ what's your favorite color?
yellow! it has been yellow for as long as i can remember.

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✧ what's your favorite animal?
i think a french bulldog. i have one myself, and they are the cutest and sweetest creatures to walk this earth. i do have a thing for sharks too. like where i'm afraid of sharks but i also find them really interesting.

✧ if you were a plant, what would you be?
you'll probably guess it.. a sunflower. it's my favorite flower.

✧ what's your favorite food?
chinese food, my mum's baked potatoes and stamppot, which is a traditional dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several vegetables. it's soooo good!

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i feel like if i'm answering more questions, this will be way too long. and i'm sure it's already way too long.

i hope you enjoyed and you'll hear from me soon xoxo