🖤 Hello, I want to share a few of my favourite IGs on Gothic / Alternative fashion and makeup that inspire me and have amazing content.

fashion, long hair, and makeup image
IG: ___t_a_t_a___
blue eyes, makeup, and blue hair image
IG: _sadgh0st _
black hair, black corset, and goth makeup image
IG: contesacneajna
black hair, burgundy, and instagram image
IG: dinamorti
braided hair, doll, and instagram image
IG: h31omafri3nd
black hair, Black Metal, and jacket image
IG: la.likbor
fashion, makeup, and goth image
IG: lady_munster
aesthetic, black dress, and instagram image
IG: quimimo

The IG usernames I posted were sorted in alphabetical order for this article, they're all amazing ❤️️

beauty, belly dance, and girl image beautiful hair, beautiful body, and beautiful nails image
IG: mahafsoun
girl, gothic, and beauty image beautiful, portrait, and goth image
Model: Darya Goncharova
edgy and grunge image Image removed
IG: claudiacelisse


restyle image restyle image
black, gloves, and restyle image black, earrings, and restyle image
alt, goth, and leggings image killstar image black, clothing, and dark image black, dark, and clothes image
black dress, gif, and skirt dress image
YouTube: Blacklaceandvelvet
dark, goth, and gothic image
IG: mybeautifulnightmare
goth, gothic, and platforms image bra, fashion, and girls image
black, body, and choker image
IG: miranda_xoxoxoxo


moon, goth, and gothic image bedroom, roomdecor, and goth image

Note: the only pictures I posted on We Heart It in this article were the first 8 making the list and I had the consent of the owners.
The other pictures from the Clothing and Room sections of this article were already uploaded to this site by different users. Click on each picture for credits and if it violates the copyright policy report the picture, not the article or ask me to remove it.


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