heyy !
so I've been watching way too much Netflix these past few days lol so here's an article about my favorite characters from A to Z :)
hope you enjoy!

a. Amy Santiago

brooklyn nine nine, amy santiago, and rosa diaz image amy santiago and b99 image
"It's not that weird to say, "may I have some cocaine?"" -- brooklyn 99

b. Bonnie Bennett

bonnie bennett and the vampire diaries image tvd, kat graham, and bonnie bennett image
"coming back to life is complicated. Trust me, I’ve done it before.” -- the vampire diaries

Blair Waldorf

gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and leighton meester image
"haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here" -- gossip girl

c. Chandler Bing

friends, chandler bing, and tv show image friends and funny image
"hell is filled with people like you" -- friends

Caroline Forbes

the vampire diaries, caroline forbes, and tvd image tvd, caroline forbes, and the vampire diaries image
"so now I'm basically a neurotic control freak on crack?" -- the vampire diaries

d. Davina Claire

Davina image screen cap, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image
"sorry! I'd love to help but I'm a little busy grieving another dead boyfriend." -- the originals

Damon Salvatore

damon salvatore, ian somerhalder, and the vampire diaries image screencaps, the vampire diaries, and tvd image
“I do believe in killing the messenger. You know why? Because it sends a message.” -- the vampire diaries

e. Emily Fields

emily fields image shay mitchell and emily fields image
"if lying was a crime we'd all be in jail." -- pretty little liars

Elijah Mikaelson

The Originals, aesthetic, and gif image The Originals, the vampire diaries, and daniel gillies image
"I believe that when you love someone and that person loves you in return you're uniquely vulnerable." -- the originals

Eleanor Shellstrop

chill, tv shows, and good place image gif, kristen bell, and the good place image
"we're forked here, aren't we?" -- the good place

f. Fallon Carrington

dynasty, elizabeth gillies, and fallon carrington image dynasty, screencaps, and elizabeth gillies image
"I swear, this family has more secrets than Trump's mistress." -- dynasty

g. Gina Linetti

gif, brooklyn nine nine, and chelsea peretti image demon, meme, and reaction image
"if I die, turn my tweets into a book" -- brooklyn nine nine

h. Hayley Marshall

phoebe tonkin and hayley marshall image Image by brie
"this macho stuff is cute and all but don't make me come out there and kick both your asses" -- the originals

Hermione Granger

Image by Annie Rojas♔♞ Image by Private User
“One person can’t feel all that at once, they’d explode.” -- Harry Potter

i. Izzie

bi, izzie, and lesbian image izzie, atypical, and lesbian image
"boys are dumb, we don't need them." -- atypical

j. Jules Vaughn

euphoria and hunter schafer image euphoria, Jules, and makeup image
“I definitely haven't reached my full power.” -- euphoria

Jessica Day

500 Days of Summer, elf, and summer finn image zooey deschanel, 500 Days of Summer, and almost famous image
"I find it fundamentally strange that you're not a dessert person, that's juts weird and it freaks me out." -- new girl

Jake Peralta

andy samberg, eat, and new york image andy samberg, style, and jake peralta image
"Where were you? You were gone for three hours. I know because I sang 'This Is How We Do It' 143 times.” -- brooklyn nine nine

k. Katherine Pierce

Nina Dobrev, katherine pierce, and tvd image Nina Dobrev, the vampire diaries, and tvd image
"I'm Katherine Pierce, I'm a survivor" -- the vampire diaries

Kiara Carrera

kiara, outer banks, and obx image outer banks, aesthetic, and pogues image
"that's so tone-deaf!" -- outer banks

Klaus Mikaelson

klaus, joseph morgan, and tvd image the vampire diaries and tvd image
"Hello love" -- tvd and the originals

l. Lydia Martin

Nina Dobrev, The Originals, and stefan salvatore image teen wolf and lidyª image
"This is my first time inside of someone else's head." -- teen wolf

m. Mona Vanderwaal

pretty little liars and mona vanderwaal image pretty little liars, janel parrish, and pll image
"you can call me a lot of names, but don't call me an amateur" -- pretty little liars

Mariana Foster

cierra ramirez, the fosters, and mariana adams-foster image cierra ramirez, the fosters, and mariana adams-foster image
"I feel like everyone I love ends up leaving" -- the fosters

n. Nairobi

la casa de papel, nairobi, and netflix image berlin, helsinki, and nairobi image
"To love, you need courage.” -- money heist

Nancy Wheeler

netflix image aesthetic, series, and tv show image
“All this time, I've been trying so hard to pretend like everything is fine, but it's not.” -- stranger things

o. Olivia Pope

scandal, tv, and kerry washington image scandal and olivia pope image
“I am many things, stupid is not one of them.” -- how to get away with murder

p. Phoebe Buffay

2002, blonde, and phoebe buffay image 90s, aesthetic, and beauty image
"I wish I could but I don't want to." -- friends

q. Quinn Fabray

dianna agron and quinn fabray image dianna agron and quinn fabray image
"you can't change your past but you can let go and start your future" -- glee

r. Rebekah Mikaelson

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Vampire Diaries and tvd image
"oh that's right you don't have any friends" -- tvd and the originals

s. Stefan Salavatore

paul wesley, stefan salvatore, and the vampire diaries image the vampire diaries, paul wesley, and tvd image
"our actions, they define who we are." -- the vampire diaries

Spencer Hastings

spencer image Image by Multiples In Sync
"I'm sorry I'm not perfect." -- pretty little liars

t. Toni Topaz

gif, riverdale, and vanessa morgan image vanessa morgan image
“I have a better idea. Why don’t you just tell me what’s bothering you because clearly, you’re in a lot of pain.” -- riverdale

v. Violet Baudelaire

malina weissman, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and Violet Baudelaire image A Series of Unfortunate Events, aesthetic, and alternative image
"We didn't lose our family. Only our parents.” -- a series of unfortunate events

w. Will Byers

stranger things, will byers, and eleven image stranger things, will byers, and noah schnapp image
"Sometimes the bad guys are smart too." -- stranger things

I couldn't find any in U, X, Y and Z sorry haha

that's it! I hope you enjoyed it!