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Tuesday, 21st July 2020

This phone call lifts the lid off many women's insecurities and shows how beauty clinics target women's Achiless's tendon to make money and profit off their insecurities.

A few minutes ago, the phone rang and a woman at the other line asked if i was "my surname". I answered yes, and she told me that this summer her beauty clinic offered great deals on face treatments, lazer hair removal and some other things I can't remember right now because of my anger. I told her "Thanks, but I don't need them, I'm beautiful the way I am", then the tone in her voice seemed more pressed and she said "But many of our treatments are purely for health related reasons (however, none of the deals she offered me were health related) and I replied with "I'm pretty healthy too, thanks!". She then asked me "Do you want any of our offers?" to which I replied no and wished her a good day.

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I'm not really sure if they know my age, but I'm fourteen and it's trully disgusting if they tried to advertise these things to me knowing my age. Adolescence is a very vulnerable age, where many teens feel insecure about their changing body, the "flaws" they see when they look in the mirror and it seems that adults, who have been through the same period in their lives, want to capitalise on that.

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Apart from adolesence, women are generally targeted with beauty standars being bombarded on them. Women can never be happy about their body or their face, they way they dress, the way they speak. They have to have clear skin, a small nose, slender eyes, full lips, a not so strong jawline, no pimples, no acne, no blackheads, no body fat, a toned stomach, a big butt but not bid thighs, not too much muscle or else they are too masculine, big b00bs, long hair but no body hair, no leg, arm, armpit or moustache hair, no stretch marks and many more.

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When I rejected her beauty related offers, this woman tried to push health related treatments into my face. If I had acne that was painful or unhygenic, I would rather consult a dermatologist, rather than her beauty clinic. i don't know if what I'm saying is far-fetched but this may be another strategie that pushes the narrative that we have to go to beauty clinics to be healthy. I don't subscribe to that view.

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Some people may not like body hair and that's totally okay, at least for me. The problem is when they judge that person for their choice. I think we should respect everyone's choice, as long as it doesn't cross the boundaries.

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