The entrance fee of the Dubai Miracle Garden is just 55 AED which are equal to almost $15.

This entrance fee is for individuals who are 13 years and above. Ticket price for kids and toddlers who are in between 3 years to 12 years is 40 AED.

Finally; there is no ticket price for babies till the age of 2 years. Furthermore; there is also no ticket price for people of determination such as disabled individuals on wheelchairs etc.

Please only purchase tickets from the official ticket counters of the Dubai Miracle Garden. The garden authorities do not accept tickets purchased from outside the garden. Please avoid being getting victim of any online ticket selling scam as well because the Dubai Miracle Garden doesn't sell any tickets online.

The Dubai Miracle Garden accepts both cash (in UAE Dirhams AED) and credit or debit cards. Other currencies are not acceptable at the ticket counters, therefore; please always have your currency exchanged through money-changers or exchange-rate agencies which are quite common throughout United Arab Emirates.

Ticket Vendors start selling tickets at the ticketing booths from 9:00 am in the morning till 8:30 pm during the weekdays and till 10:30 during the weekends (Fridays and Saturdays).

Lastly; The Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest flower garden in the world. It displays more than 50 million flowers and has also been recognized by the Guinness World Records for at least 3 times. The garden has at least 1000 floral themes including dozens of mega floral themes.