Hey everyone!

This is my first article, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Today, in my series (?) I want to teach you guys how to make your very own wallpaper, using two apps:
-We Heart It
This most definitely is not sponsored, but picsart is SO useful and easy, and I'm going to try and help you guys use it a little.

Preface: I was really inspired by these wallpapers

Image removed wallpaper, nct, and nct u image

Ok, So let's start

First, you want to pick out the main photo. This can be a photo of a celebrity, your friends, your favorite character, etc. I picked the photos of Johnny Suh (from the group nct 127) at the beach

kpop, au, and alternate universe image
*note I couldn't find the specific picture on whi, I think I just used google images

Next, you want some sort of color palette. For the johnny example, I'll be using gold. You want to search on whi "gold aesthetic" or "gold wallpaper." It would also be useful to follow the wallpaper collection. Here are the pictures I so happened to choose for my johnny wallpaper:

clouds, aesthetic, and sky image Image by 𝔇. Inspiring Image on We Heart It header, sea, and soft image
*note, I added 4 pictures for simplicity, but feel free to add as many as you please!

Begin the editing !!

What you want to do next is go to the app picsart, and choose one of the wallpaper backgrounds. It should take up the full screen. Next, scroll on the bottom of the screen to "Add photo." You want to pick out all of the wallpaper/aesthetic pictures and start arranging them to your preference. Personally, I like to put one picture in the corner of the screen, then on the opposite corner I add another photo. I keep doing this until I reach the end. Where the two corners meet, I covered them with the main picture (the one of the celebrity, friend, character, etc.) so that the corners of the aesthetic don't show and it flows better. (I hope this makes sense, if not, scroll down to see how my wallpaper turned out, I think it'll make more sense).

Final Touches

Lastly, and this step is optional, on picsart, scroll to see features like "sticker", "brush", "text", or even "mask" and just play around. Add your favorite quote, put some fun stickers, add some sort of effect with the brushes, etc.

And finally, you should have you wallpaper!! I hope this was fun and informative, and I'd love to see how creative you guys are! My wallpaper is down below!!

screensaver, wallpaper, and gold aesthetic image

I hope you guys have a great day/night/afternoon!!! please follow me, I would really appreciate it!!!

x moonmei