Hello all witches and all non-witches! This is part five of Wicca 101. Keep in mind that Wicca and it's beliefs are very individual so during these articles I will be sharing MY thoughts, so please don't jump me. I hope you enjoy!

If it harms none, do what you will


In this part, I will try to sum up what a familiar is, how to know you have one/how to get one, and a little bit of other fact about them!

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What is a familiar?

A familiar is a guardian spirit, here to protect and guide a Witch on his/her/their spiritual journey. They are meant to help their magical practices. A familiar spirit is able to appear in a bunch of different forms, but the most common one is in a form of an animal. Often defined as an animal companion. The familiar spirit is a part of very many religions and culture, under different names.

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Some Witches claim that familiars have no form or no physical body, some believe that they are just meant for magical work and that there is no special bond inbetween the witch and the familiar. There is also the popular beliefe that the familiar is you, or atleast a part of you.


So, you have a pet and you're not sure if it's your familiar?

Here are some indicators that your pet is actually your familiar:

  • If it's the first time seeing your new pet, you might feel this really strong (or subtle) and special bond to it. Almost like it was sent to you for a reason.
  • Your pet might be spending a lot of time by your altar or you Book of Shadows, or around any other of your magical objects. This might mean that it wants you to include it in your magical work.
  • Try including it in your work and prayers, and you should notice if it is there to help you or if it's just there because you put it there.
  • If an animal, like a cat, walks into your home and no one is missing it or you can't seem to find it's owner- there is a high probability that this is your familiar, it found you and not the other way around. Probably for a reason!
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Other ways to get a familiar

Some witches believe that you can capture and create a familiar, although this is not as common now a days as it once might have used to be. A created familiar is usually there forcefully, and it most likely doesn't want to help. You think about that before creating a familiar by a spell or something like that, if you really want a spirit who doesn't want to be there.

Honestly, I am not going to incourage you to go out and capture your familiar, because I believe that it should come to you and choose. So you might never have a familiar, but if you do- at least you know that it is helping because it wants to. I am not going to tell you how to make one or capture one, because I believe it's wrong.

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That being said, having a familiar is wonderful! In many cases, the familiar is a part of you and you can share thoughts and feelings and that is truly amazing. Animals are so important, they are alive beings and so are familiar spirits so pleeease treat it kindly and with respect. (Even if it is not your familiar, and just an animal)