I'm back with an article that I saw a few times on whi and that I find really interesting. It was inspired by an article that I made, listing the different types of people in academia (theatre, dark, light, chaotic,...). People, compile in one article, the academic aesthetics that represent them and list some characteristics that make them a dark academic or a theatre kid or whatever.
Before reading, I highly encourage you to read the original article that inspired this and to check the others too. It's at the end of the page.

Having several faces in my personality, i'm torn between wanting to look at the stars with my love, drink red wine while reading Edgar Allan Poe AND living off of cocaine and cheap liquor. It's a bit exaggerated but that's basically it.
Have fun looking at the mess that I am.


- wanting to be a part of a secret society so bad

- “does such a thing as 'the fatal flaw,' that showy dark crack running down the middle of a life, exist outside literature? [...] I think that mine is this: a morbid longing for the morbid at all costs”

- attracted to boys who look dead since the XIXth century

- 𝑦 𝑒 𝑎 𝑟 𝑛 𝑖 𝑛 𝑔

aesthetic, book, and dark academia image boots, fashion, and photography image snape and young image dark academia image

- spend too much time wondering about the mystery of death

- love going to flea markets and trying hard to find an old doll (doesn't matter if there is a high chance of it being haunted, dolls are so cute)

- me to my friends : “get in loser, we’re going to solve some theorems and possibly commit a murder”

- finding the dirt and mud on my leather riding boots aesthetically pleasing

book, study, and aesthetic image horse riding, competition, and horses image fashion, black, and style image aesthetic, church, and dark image


- “what a pretty boy” at least twice a day

- would read out loud to you as we lay under a tree

- plaid patterns on skirts

- “parce que c'était lui, parce que c'était moi”

beauty, girl, and romeo and juliet image french, quotes, and aesthetic image book, vintage, and reading image candle, jesus, and vintage image

- borrowing each other's sweaters on chilly days

- the inherent romanticism of putting someone's necklace back in the right way

- pearls. they're so shiny and pretty ugh

- naturally pink cheeks that i'm starting to embrace

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- underlining all the bad words when i read a book

- when taking notes in class, a page can be immaculate and the next one an absolute nonsense that even i cannot read

- hating school but low-key enjoying it sometimes

- maybe ignoring deadlines will just erase the essays to submit?

aesthetic, bambi, and neutral image funny image Image removed edgy, star, and aesthetic image

- saying “i wanna die” too often

- unintentionally offending people with my humor

- always down to do dumb sh*t

- not able to remember a single sentence from what I learned last night but I will pull random facts (of any topics like history, literature, ...) out of nowhere not even related to my major

asian, grunge, and ulzzang image elementary, japan, and school image fire, school, and video image punk, tumblr, and alternative image


- worshipping bands over god

- wants to find the Sid Vicious to my Nancy Spungen

- never trust the government, hate institutionalized education, eat the rich

- when a thing is not going my way violent waves of anger are hitting and have me wanting to destroy something

grunge, aesthetic, and punk image guitarra, musica, and rock image edgy, rp, and grunge image green day, jesus of suburbia, and st.jimmy image

- would love to go buck wild in a mosh pit

- always end up messing everything up

- unlearning colonialism and racism taught in the fucking school

- oversized band tees that look like flags on my scrawny body

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That's all thank you for reading so far, I hope you enjoyed the aesthetics. Don't hesitate to do it I guess it's a kind of tag now ;)

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