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Tuesday, 21st July 2020

I started thinking about this subject after listening to the song "Heather" by Conan Gray and thought I had to share it with you. I also suggest listening to his song, I really liked it and now it's been stuck in my head.

Meaning of the song from somemeaningsandfacts.com

The singer has developed sort of a love/hate sentiment towards Heather due to her being the apple of the eye of the person he adores eyes. That is Gray wishes he actually “were Heather”, as in more like her, so that this person would likewise be attracted to him. But in realizing that he can’t be her, he also wishes something bad would transpire to remove her from the scene.

So conclusively, we can say that Conan is jealous of Heather since she possesses qualities which are causing the man he loves to be “mesmerized” by her. And what it all boils down to is that the addressee’s infatuation with Heather basically means that the chances of him getting romantically involved with the singer are nil.

That means that Conan has already judged Heather and has a negative impression of her, even though he doesn't know her personally and everything derrives from the romantic interest of the person he is singing about, while Heather doesn't even have a chance of changing that impression. If Conan was asked what his impression of Heather was and why, he probably wouldn't expose himself and make up something about her to justify his negative opinion. (I'm not specifically referring to Conan, rather than a common behaviour of an idividual.)

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This song gives us the opportunity to wonder how people can judge you based on things you can't control. One of them is the example we faced at this song, a person being jealous of you becuase someone they are romantically interested in likes you.

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Another thing you could judged by is your appearance, or the way you dress. Revealing clothes may be considered "5lutty", Covering clothes may be considered "nerdy", and a unique prespective of fashion may be considered "weird". Someone may be even jealous of how beautiful someone is or how nice they dress and therefore judge them negatively because they feel threatened.

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They may also have a negative opinion because of a biased impression of a friend. When a person they trust tell them to avoid a person or spread a rumour about that person, it is less likely to question the accuracy of these claims or the reason to dislike them.

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It also sometimes has to do with that person's facial expressions. Some people are considered to have a "resting b1tch face" or a "snobby" expression, that determines how others view them, basically judging them by their appearance and not the content of their character.

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So many examples to show how you aren't always responsible of what people think of you and I'm pretty sure I also missed some. Yes, how you treat others plays a major role in how people view you, but you shouldn't always blame yourself about every negative opinion someone has of you.

Hope I cleared some things out! Thanks for coming to my Whi Talk!

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