i reallyy forgot to write since 2 days ago because i'm so busy with the online school. I hate it. And now i got a free time so, yeah, i think i'm gonna write again.

day 2 : my earliest memory

Well, i think my earliest memory is my old best friend. I was about three or four years old, he was a boy, we're at the same age, and we go to the same kindergarten. He was my neighbour, and his house just right in front of my house.

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But one day, he told me that he has to move out to japan because of his parents got a job i think, i forgot, cuz i was three. So, yeah, on the last day, i remember i go to his bedroom and he kinda do a roomtour for the last time. Since then, i never see him again. I don't have his or his parent's contact. I had a picture of us, but when i move out from my old house, i couldn't find it. I remember it was a picture of me and him when we participated in a drawing competition. He was wearing a light blue t-shirt and his hair is dark brown. That's all i can remember about him. And actually i really miss him. I hope we can reunite one day.