Hey guys! I’m so excited to do this, basically the judge me based on my kins challenge on tiktok, but on we heart it. This will kind of go hand in hand with my low key kin collection linked below if you want to check out more characters and even people I relate to :) (also side note: I’m only describing the characters based on how I relate to them)

1. Alaska Young - Looking for Alaska

A wild, unpredictable, enigmatic girl with a sad backstory. She is misunderstood and sexualized by the people around her. Deeply unhappy, never afraid to speak her mind, an extensive book collection, and can always be found with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, it’s no surprise I’m comparable to this character.

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2. Rue Bennett - Euphoria

When the show first came out, i had several people tell me she reminded them of me. Rue struggles with several mental illnesses and drug addiction. She’s sarcastic, introverted, self-isolating, funny, and stand-offish, which is honestly how I would describe myself on the regular. We both also struggle with our sexuality and expressing emotions.

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3. Veronica Sawyer - Heathers

I think I relate to some of Veronica’s less desirable traits. Although she’s a dreamer and thinks she’s above high school bullshit, she still falls victim to it. I see her anger, at her friends, at the school, at the world. It causes her to do some shit things. Still, in the end she shows redemption, and I hope one day I will too.

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4. Arrietty - The Secret World of Arrietty/The Borrowers

I see her as the better part of me, the part younger me always wanted to be. Adventurous, curious, courageous, spirited, progressive, unafraid to do what she thinks is right, no matter the consequences. When everyone told her what she was doing was wrong and dangerous, she still did it because she knew it was what needed to be done.

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5. Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead

RIP to a real one lol. This is a newer idea to me, when I watched the show/read the comics I never really saw myself in him. But, now that I’m older and closer to his age, I think I really see it, especially in the earlier seasons. Loyal, resourceful, willing to die a like a martyr until he found something to live for- I think I’m still looking for that last part. I hope as I age I’ll continue to grow like him, grow into the leader I always wanted to be.

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6. Katniss Everdeen - The Hunger Games

She was the first book character I ever related to. I still remember reading it for the first time vividly. She wasn’t the female protagonist I was used to, either the damsel in distress or soft spoken and likable. She was the opposite, she was written to be unlikable. She was stubborn, socially inept, strong, blunt, sarcastic, cynical. She was everything I was told not to like about myself, except in her story she was the hero. She was the first person to teach me that a woman did not need to be likeable in order to matter.

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7. Max Caulfield - Life is Strange

This just felt like a rather obvious one to me. A bisexual, awkward, introverted- but kind, photography student, that’s me to a T. Although, my best friend thinks I’m more like Chloe, which I can’t blame her for so maybe I’ll give her an honorable mention. Spunky, angry, and rebellious, although I think that’s just her exterior- I guess I can relate to that.

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8. Raven - Teen Titans

Another one from my childhood, a common trope for me and my best friend is any soft pastel/edgy goth duos. She’s mysterious and distant, but mature beyond her years due to trauma. While others may say she’s moody and a stick in the mud, she’s also witty and sarcastic. I know what it’s like to push people away, so it was nice to see someone like me find a family while still having a balance of alone time.

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9. Rocky Blue - Shake It Up

This sends me back to my childhood. My elementary school best friend liked to think we were like Rocky and Cece. Although we could not dance for shit, the characters do share some undeniable resemblance. For her, she had dyslexia and was usually the outgoing, brutally honest, and somewhat ditzy girl. I, on the other hand, was intelligent, responsible, temperamental, and a goody-two-shoes. I haven’t spoken to my friend in a few years, but I can speak for myself when I say I am unfortunately not like her anymore, but I still hold her close to my heart.

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10. Katara - Avatar: The Last Airbender

I think most taurus girls claim her, it’s kind of by the books. Stubborn, maternally, but still bad ass. She knew she was destined to help people and she didn’t let anything stop her. I think it’s worth mentioning when I took a personality quiz recently, apparently one of the characters I’m most like in general is Toph. I don’t really see it besides the rebellious and sarcasm, maybe I would accept Mai, but I think I’m more kind and wise like Katara. Plus, she was the first native rep I ever saw on tv :)

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11. Sarah Bailey - The Craft

Iconic edgy alt girl movie. When I used to roll with a friend group I was usually the one with the strongest morals and self control. I could never bring myself to shoplift or hurt anyone else. I also try to be kind despite past struggles. I’ve never wanted anything more than to fit in, although like Sarah I would never compromise my morals to do it. I’m sarcastic, I like to think I’m witty, and I try to be brave even if it doesn’t always pan out. Another thing we have in common is our natural element: earth.

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12. Effy Stonem - Skins

This is more on the surface than anything else. Although I disagree with a lot of Effy’s choices, I know what it’s like to feel numb. To want to drown out the shitty world with drugs and sex or whatever the hell else works. I even have my own polar opposite bsf. I like to think I’m intelligent, but who can really be the judge of that? I never did finish the show, I guess that speaks for itself, but I hope we both learn running from your problems can’t always be the solution.

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13. Marceline - Adventure Time

As you’ve probably caught on, I eat up any edgy bi girl representation. I like to think of myself as a rebellious, wild, daredevil. I can definitely be more callous with my emotions, even if I don’t mean to be. Usually I don’t mean to be or I don’t pick up on social cues fast enough. I also can definitely relate that it’s easier to write my emotions down alone than express them verbally.

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14. Musa - Winx Club

Ironically, I’m not very musically inclined. I like to sing, but i’m not very great at it. I used to play the violin and bass, tried to pick up piano, drums, and the guitar but they didn’t really work out. Nonetheless, she’s a tomboy, usually a loner, and hides her trauma by putting up a tough front. When I was little, she taught me I could still be vulnerable while also being a badass. Plus, I definitely had a crush on Riven and Flora growing up.

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15. Summer Finn - 500 Days of Summer

The iconic manic pixie dream girl, at least in the eyes of Tom. Most men I talk to just want me to fix their problems and show them that life can be fun, which I do unfortunately. I don’t believe in love, not truly anyways. I don’t know what I want from life yet. I try to be pragmatic but obviously I can be cynical. I like to romanticize the little things in life, I’d rather be dramatic and whimsical than dull and boring. Still, I’m not anyone’s plot device. I pretend like I enjoy fixing people and having them leave me, but it really takes a toll on a person.

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