here are some of my absolute favourite accessories
that work with
pretty much
any outfit

a simple gold necklace

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personally, i love simple necklaces and i have one that has my first name's initial on it -"r", layering gold necklaces/chokers are also a cute way to spruce up your outfit

hair scarf & scrunchies

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scarves look great, especially with basic outfits and they can be worn either in your hair or around your neck scrunchies have probably made the biggest comeback, they add a bit of colour to any outfit and they look good on your arm or in your hair, i like wearing them when my hair is up in a high ponytail or a velvet one, just on my wrist

a trendy belt

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belts honestly give any outfit a finishing touch and make a seemingly boring "jeans and top" outfit look much better, they even help to since in your waistline and look great with a pair of platform boots or sneakers


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these are some earrings i've bought over the past few months or wanted to buy and i think that earrings are the quickest way to make your entire outfit look more put together 1. geometric dangle earrings 2. gold hoops 3. heart dangle earrings 4. pearl hoop earrings


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bandanas look great with a white blouse and i usually try to either match them with what i'm wearing or make them completely contrast so it gains attraction compared to my simple outfit, so if i was wearing a red sweater, i'd pair it with a red bandana and if i'm wearing a neutral top (beige, white or black usually) with jeans, then i'd contrast it with a bright and colourful bandana

baker boy hat & beret

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the baker boy hat is my favourite accessory of all time it's elegant, chic and looks so good with just about anything and everything
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and since i am an absolute simp for french culture, gorgeous beret's used to be part of a uniform but now they are such a cute statement piece, which better hat screams art hoe?

hair clips

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any variations of these help to keep hair out of your face and besides, they look great - most of them work with everyday outfits too


Image by Beatriz Capuzzo
layering rings or stacking rings are trendy and they look good on any finger, i like to wear my rings on my index and middle fingers on either hand

bags & clutches

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from handbags, to purses to clutches, there are so many types of bags to carry around that are not only useful to carry just about anything, but look - both elegant and stylish