Hey guys, how are you?
It's Amanda and I came back with another article. And today I'm going to do my first book review. I confess that I am very excited because it is an incredible book.

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I had been wanting to read this book for a while. I love the Hunger Games, the books and the movies. It is my favorite adaptation.
The book was released in May and I was very excited to read it, so much so that I didn't even read the synopsis or see what it was about. I wanted to read because it is Hunger Games.
And I went on without looking for what the book was about. When I opened it and saw it was about Snow, I was in shock.
I expected the story of Finnick or Haymitch. And not the story of the dictator who made Katniss and Peeta's life not so easy.
I gave it a try, as I was always curious about how Snow became that kind of person.
And something happened that I didn't expect either. I found myself feeling sympathy and even liking the character.
Yes, I really liked what Coriolanus Snow was like in his 18 years of life.
The book doesn't make you understand his side, of course not. It shows how his life was and how he became what he became.
I just didn't expect anything that happened. Of course, I didn't read the synopsis or anything about the book, so everything was new and uncharted territory.
The references made me feel nostalgic. I read The Hunger Games for the first time in 2014. It was about a year since I started my literary journey and I wanted to devour all possible books.
One of my best friends had read the books and said it was very good. And how I loved movies so much. I had time to read all three books before Mockingjay - Part 1 was released.
I went to the cinema with my friends to see Catching Fire. It was the first time that we went to watch a movie together, right at the beginning of our group.
And that's why I got so nostalgic reading The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes.
I followed everything closely and returning to this world almost 6 years later left me very moved. Hunger Games was part of my teenage life and that of my friends.
Well, let's talk about the book.

Synopsis of the book:

Set against the backdrop of the 10th Hunger Games, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes revolves around the adventures of a teenage Coriolanus Snow, who would become the dictatorial president of Panem by the events of the original trilogy. With his family on the brink of poverty, Coriolanus is tasked with mentoring District 12 tribute Lucy Gray Baird for his one shot at glory.

As you can see, Snow has a history with District 12, the Katniss district in the trilogy. He mentored Lucy Gray, District 12 tribute, at the 10th Hunger Games.
At first, I didn't think that the reality of Snow's life had been so difficult.
His parents died during the first district rebellion against Capitol, leaving only him, his grandmother and cousin Tigris.
Since Snow's family had lost everything when District 13 exploded, their financial situation was not very good, but he always told people that they were great.
And well, the story develops between Snow's difficult life, he mentoring Lucy Gray and his life at the Academy, the school he attended so he could finish his studies before going to University.
I really liked the development of the characters, some could have been more developed, but I thought those that were well developed were very good.
I loved Lucy, she's a character-shaped diamond. She reminded me of a more spontaneous version of Katniss. While Katniss was more closed, Lucy is not so much, but she has many of the characteristics of the Girl on Fire.
It was shown that the Games were very different from those presented to us in the three books. Very different.
But for the same purpose, that hasn't changed.
And, as we know, even after Snow became the president of Panem, the purpose of the Games has not changed. They just got more technological and evolved.
During the reading, I noticed a certain affinity between Snow and Lucy. I didn't know that things would get stronger and more intense between them. Relax, it's still a book free from any hot scene, but I liked to see how things developed between them.
Some scenes made me freak like a lover, while others made me cry.
I remembered what it was like when I read the Hunger Games for the first time. Cling to the characters and they risk dying.
It happened to some characters, but that's okay. I didn't even have time to get attached like I did with the other books.
Suzanne Collins continues without disappointing me and remains on my list of best authors that I have ever had the opportunity to read the work.
I even thought of including a part with only the spoilers of the book, but then it would lose the fun of making you curious.
A piece of advice for you: expect everything.

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The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes is an amazing book and I regret reading it so fast. That's the problem with good books, they end before you know it. And when you notice, you already miss reading it.
I hope for the fans it was as amazing as it was for me. Going back to the Hunger Games world made me feel like I was 13 again.
And for the fans that are coming now, don't miss the opportunity to read the four books. Watch the movies too, they can help you become more interested in the books. And look, I almost never recommend film adaptations, not all of them are wonderful as Hunger Games.

I hope you enjoyed. See you in the next article.
- Amanda.