Hello there everyone. Due to a very popular demand I just decided to make a special Bratz Playlist Series as part of the 'Bratz as Playlists' article follow-up, which I made it last month. This time around, and on behalf of it, I made a playlist made especially for one of the Bratz girls, Cloe, but now here's part one of my Bratz playlist article.

And on behalf of it, there's an article that I made last month as said earlier, so be sure to check it out before getting started:

As a starter, there are only 40 songs on each of their playlists, with the first 10 featured on my previously-written article as the 'starter songs,' but added literally for my modesty's sake. Don't worry, guys, there are three more playlists coming soon, so I will try my best at writing it. But for you perfectionists out there who haven't read my very previous writing... nothing to worry about because there's a full Spotify playlist for this list, dedicated to each of them.


C L O E (part 1 of playlist series)

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🔹Lil Peep & XXXTENTACION - Falling Down
🔹Calvin Harris featuring Rihanna - This is What You Came For
🔹Marshmello featuring CHVRCHES - Here With Me
🔹Becky Hill - Sunrise In The East
🔹Broods - Heartlines
🔹Conro featuring Beckii Power - Circus
🔹Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes
🔹Meghan Trainor - Thank You
🔹Tessa Violet - Crush
🔹OneRepublic - Choke

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🔹Vince Staples - 745
🔹PARTYNEXTDOOR - Break From Toronto
🔹Kehlani - CRZY
🔹Post Malone - Circles
🔹Rina Sawayama - Cherry
🔹Rihanna - Pour it Up
🔹Tiesto & Shaun Frank featuring Snoop Dogg & Fontwell - On My California
🔹Arin Ray featuring Kehlani - Change
🔹Julie Bergan - STFU
🔹Diana V - Bad Girls Get Lonely Too

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🔹Taylor Swift - Lover
🔹PLVTINUM - If You're Gonna Leave
🔹Kim Petras - Icy
🔹Surf Mesa featuring Emilee - ily (i love you baby)
🔹Clairo - Pretty Girl
🔹Billie Eilish - bad guy
🔹Ariana Grande - pete davidson
🔹Qveen Herby - Gucci
🔹Hey Violet - Queen of the Night
🔹Camila Cabello - Living Proof

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🔹Halsey featuring Lauren Jauregui - Strangers
🔹King Princess - 1950
🔹Chase Atlantic - 23
🔹Macklemore featuring Mary Lambert - Same Love
🔹Seeb X Dagny - Drink About
🔹Regard featuring RAYE - Secrets
🔹Hayley Williams - Simmer
🔹Chase Atlantic - Roxanne
🔹Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
🔹Julie Bergan & Seeb - Kiss Somebody

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And now this ends part one. Stay tuned for Jade, Sasha and Yasmin in this Bratz Playlist Series articles! You can also check out my Bratz collection and more of my written articles: