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Which Greek god is your favourite?
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Hades, Greek Aïdes (“the Unseen”), also called Pluto or Pluton (“the Wealthy One” or “the Giver of Wealth”), in ancient Greek religion, god of the underworld. Hades was a son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, and brother of the deities Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia.
Which Greek goddess is your favourite?
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Athena or Athene, often given the epithet Pallas, is an ancient Greek goddess associated with wisdom, handicraft, and warfare who was later syncretized with the Roman goddess Minerva. Athena was regarded as the patron and protectress of various cities across Greece, particularly the city of Athens, from which she most likely received her name. She's usually shown in art wearing a helmet and holding a spear. Her major symbols include owls, olive trees, snakes, and the Gorgoneion.
What Greek monster is your favourite?
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If you could take any god's power, who would it be?
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Like all the Olympian gods, Apollo was an immortal and powerful god. He had many special powers including the ability to see into the future and power over light. He could also heal people or bring illness and disease. When in battle, Apollo was deadly with the bow and arrow.
Aphrodite or Athena?
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Athena (Ἀθηνᾶ)
Hercules or Perseus?
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Perseus. In Greek mythology, Perseus is the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty. He was, alongside Cadmus and Bellerophon, the greatest Greek hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles. He beheaded the Gorgon Medusa for Polydectes and saved Andromeda from the sea monster Cetus.
Zeus or Poseidon?
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Hades or Demeter?
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Demeter, in Greek Mythology, daughter of the deities Cronus and Rhea, sister and consort of Zeus (the king of the gods), and goddess of agriculture. Her name indicates that she is a mother.
Hephaestus or Ares?
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.Apollo or Artemis?

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What would you be the god(dess)/deity of?
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i would be the goddess of karma, of justice, of people getting what they deserve.
What would be your patron animal?
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owl, and dove
What city would you be the patron of?
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What would be your symbol?
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