Hiii everyone! I was isnpired by cozykitsune on Youtube to do the cottagecore tag! Hope you enjoy :)

A scent you Love?

book, rain, and coffee image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image
Love the smell of rain

Road Trip or Camping?

holiday, roadtrip, and summer image best friends, camping, and travel image
I love both so this is hard but I’ll say road trip just because you get to see more places

A song to lull you to sleep?

Image removed Image removed
Hunnie Pie by Zella Day

Three flowers you need in your garden?

sunflower, flowers, and wallpaper image flower, glitter, and green image buttercups, flowers, and grain image aesthetic, blue, and buttercup image
Sunflowers, Hibiscus, and Buttercups

Rivers or Lakes?

nature, forest, and lake image nature, mountains, and flowers image

If you could have a mini version of any animal, which would you choose?

animal, Red panda, and cute image cute, Red panda, and animal image
A cute lil Red Panda

Cloud Watching or stargazing?

sky, clouds, and aesthetic image alone, autumn, and bae image
Cloud watching, only because I don’t see many stars these days :(

Pressed Flowers or Dry flowers?

flowers and pressed flowers image book, photography, and poems image
Pressed flowers

If you could have one artistic talent, what would it be?

art, pastel, and aesthetic image Image by kivircik...☾

Lace or linen?

fashion and outfit image moon, sun, and fashion image

If you could be one fictional character for a day, who would you choose and why?

Temporarily removed blue, atla, and katara image
Not only is Katara bad ass, but being her means I'd get to hangout with the Aang gang hehe

Boots or bare feet?

bare foot, forest, and aesthetic image rose, flowers, and dress image
Bare feet

Marble statues or wooden carvings?

carvings, etsy, and greek image art, crafts, and etsy image
I love both but I’m going to say wooden carvings. Marble statues give me more dark academia vibes

If you had the ability to play any instrument, which would you choose?

2000s, aesthetic, and Chick image Temporarily removed
Guitar. I already know how to play piano and a little violin but I’ve always wanted to learn guitar.

Power to talk to animals or plants?

plants, green, and aesthetic image Image by bree <3
Plants, because I feel like they have so much knowledge

Stone walls or wooden fences?

fashion, girl, and hair image flowers, castle, and nature image
Stone walls.