hey love,

i decided to do an article on a few song lyrics that i love, that mean something to me and i wanted to share with you guys why, enjoy :)

"i'm scared of telling you how i feel, maybe it's better if i just try to conceal the truth, for me and for you but i'm still stuck on you"
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this pertains to a certain someone that i really love but i don't think he knows how much i want to be with him, he's a really big part of my life and we've grown through our problems for a long time. this lyric makes me think about him
"i'm not ok, i feel so scattered"
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this is a simple one that tells how i feel about everything and this is how i've been feeling for so long. put into words perfectly, i could never explain it before
"funny thing about you is you read me pretty well but you haven't found me yet at the bottom of the well"
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it's hard for me to open up and talk to people about feelings n shit so people try to figure it out and they get somewhere but they haven't found me at the bottom of the well, also this song has a killer trumpet solo at the end
"i lift up my head and the world is on fire, there's dread in my heart and fear in my bones and i just don't know what to say"
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this song is about resorting to praying after everything that's happened and for me praying to god isn't something i usually do because although i do believe in Him i have a hard time connecting and praying because i'm not in a good place and it seems like i'm losing faith
"sin ti mis días son largos y se sienten tan amargos, me ahogo en un lago de mis lágrimas que hago, can't look forward to my future if it ain't including you"
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this song is really romantic and i love it because it's sung in spanish and english. this lyric translates to without you my days are bitter and they seem long, i drown myself in a river of my own tears, what do i do?
"and let me crawl inside your veins, i'll build a wall, give you a ball and chain"
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for me this song and lyric give off sinister energy which i love because the way it's written says that i want to be with you so bad i'll live inside of you and make it my home
"i was so blinded by you, now i cry just thinkin about the fool i was"
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i remember being in a relationship and having to worry about how i look in this relationship, i looked a certain way all the time but once the makeup came off and the hair was different i felt like i shouldn't show that natural side to him and it made me feel bad and it reminds of how i'm such an insecure person
"you don't feel a way, your gone away, you don't listen, you promised you wouldn't change it'd stay the same but it's different"
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this is about how a person can be absent in a relationship and isn't the person you thought they were and that things would change and you would change but it didn't end very well, i'm afraid of this
"feels close to heaven, past the unknown"
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sometimes i daydream about scenarios that could actually happen if i had done things differently or if we lived in a perfect world and i kind of get sucked into it and in the process i don't realize things that are part of reality and that gets me real down because i didn't do things the way it should have been done and i have to live with it. it feels almost good until my realizations come
"fuck you so good you be calling out to christ"
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this lyric for me, is simple: i'm horny, i'm a horny teenager. also this song is a vibe
"don't be that way, fall apart twice a day"
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i feel like sometimes people get annoyed by sad people like 'why're you so sad all the time' and it's like if i could tell you it would take years, i don't like that i'm like this and i know it's annoying but i can't help this
"oh i'm just a kid, i always make mistakes and i never say i'm sorry cause they're mistakes that i made"
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we all make mistakes as a kid, i still do, and unfortunately i've learned the lesson of not apoligizing when i needed to. i'm working on those mistakes
"i never wanted love, but now it's come undone"
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sometimes people fall in love even when they know it'll end in heartbreak and it's sort of inevitable but we can't help it and it happens to most of us including me. love is pretty damn strong
"thought i could fly, so i stepped off the golden, nobody cried, nobody even noticed i saw them standing right there"
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suicide is a really sensitive topic, there are times where it's all i think about and how easy it is to just end it. it's easy to escape with death

i hope you guys liked this article and listen to some of these songs, i didn't bother to put in the names because i'm lazy and this article took like two hours but stay safe