i'm not the type of person that plans out my future

all i know is that i'll be a theatre nurse somewhere, and maybe live near the coast
and get my wedding dress made at some kind of boutique, and probably adopt a kid

see that isn't much right? hahah

i'm just going to list some names
and their meanings!!

i will admit that i am super picky
with food, with the people in my life, and definitely with names
so this list was quite hard to come up with



the name audrey is an english feminine name and it means noble and strength

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the name adrian is a latin masculine name and it means dark

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the name nora is a latin feminine name which means honour

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the name felix is a latin masculine name and it means happy

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the name kiara is a variant of the italian name "chaira" and it means bright

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the name fabien is a french masculine name that means 'he who grows beans for a living' but i still love the name

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the name diana is a feminine name that is derived from an indo-european root word that refers to someone who is divine

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ashton is an english masculine name which means 'ash tree town'

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alaina is a french feminine name which translates to "precious"

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