Every video game has its own set of boss fights. Albeit the difficulty of each boss varies from each Mario game, there's still plenty of them that aren't fit to act as one. That's either because of how easy they are to defeat, lacks the ability to damage you, or how fast you can defeat the enemy. So here's my list of insanely easy Mario bosses.

1. Fly Guy R (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

I decided to include this boss because let's face it: they are regular enemies! You face these types of enemies a few times in Mushrise Park, so you will have a decent amount of time to practice before battling them. The second reason I added this boss is due to the fact that the player is able to use items you won't be able to use in other boss fights, namely Shock Bombs. And they are surprisingly easier to defeat than the usual Fly Guy Rs you encounter. That's mainly because there are no additional enemies when the battle begins (like two or three Goomba Rs, or one or two Durapurls), and that there's no Shy Guy Airtub that appears sometimes in the regular Fly Guy R battles. Things like that can really make the battle harder and unpredictable--especially the Shy Guy Airtub. For example, if there are a few Goomba Rs right at the start of the battle, the Fly Guy Rs will have more of an opportunity to use different attacks other than wasting a turn of their own spawning Goomba Rs. Also, adding the Shy Guy Airtub in the battle will make the boss both more challenging and unforeseeable because they appear at random points in the fight, and they will also shot cannonballs at you (per turn) if you don't get rid of them. Unfortunately, Nintendo decided to remove these things which could have improved the battle at least a little, but as I said earlier, you face these types of enemies a few times in Mushrise Park, so the player will most likely have enough time to learn there attack patterns.

2. Pom Pom (Super Mario 3D World)

Pom Pom is one of the easiest bosses in the whole series! In the battle, she clones herself a certain number of times (and creates more clones each time she takes damage) and throws ninja stars at the player. However, it's very simple to identify the real copy, and if you attack her quickly, she won't have any chance to even perform any of her own attacks. Also, to make matters worse, she doesn't retreat into her shell to attack, as she did in the previous game, Super Mario 3D Land, which is another downside to the battle.

3. Lemmy (Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii)

Lemmy is usually one of the most straightforward Koopalings to defeat, but in this game, he was extremely effortless to defeat than usual. Likewise to his other battles, he uses his wand to summon balls and bounce them towards the player. However, because this attack can't damage you at all, and the fact that there are no obstacles in the fight (like a pit), there's no way you can lose in the battle. Like the other Koopalings, he spins in his shell once hit by the player. And that's it! You can't lose in the battle at all unless you are hit by his shell attack, and he doesn't use that specific move often either.

4. Beef Cloud (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

Beef Cloud isn't the hardest boss out there, especially considering that there's a trick to defeat him. In the battle, he heals himself at around 10 to 30 HP in real-time (roughly once every five seconds), rather than every turn - even during Mario's attacks. You can use the badge effect that damages your enemies, and by doing so, he momentarily stops healing. Honestly, you can defeat him within a few turns, even without using this method. You just need to be at a high level and frequently use the Luiginary Stack attack in order to do so.

5. Antasma - First Battle (Mario & Luigi: Dream Team)

Even though this boss is considered a practice battle, it's still the easiest boss to defeat in the whole series. His only attack is to split into multiple bats and charge at Mario, who must jump over the ones that align with him. He also only attacks once. The reason he is last on the list is that it takes no effort at all to defeat him. You don't even need to dodge his attacks as it doesn't damage the player at all, which is a major downside. Heck, I can name numerous regular enemies that are harder to defeat than him.

And those were the bosses I found easy in the Mario series. So do you guys agree with my list? Was there any boss that I left out? I would like to hear your opinion.