Hello beautiful angels! It's Ale here. I hope everyone is having a good summer so far, staying safe and healthy during this time! I wanted my article for the month to be a little bit fun and uplifting. I've been really motivated to stay active and up to date with my hobbies, as I tend to lose my energy and feel stuck very easily. So, let's talk about a few different ways you can enrich your life!
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We Heart It Gazette
We Heart It Gazette

1 | Vision Board

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this one may be a bit too obvious, but it's such a simple way to help maintain your motivation. when you look at something that makes you feel joy every single day, you want to keep that feeling alive within you, so by making a vision board with everything you want to do this summer, it's a small yet effective way to train your brain into wanting to keep going. even in moments where you feel your energy-depleting, you can rearrange your board, add or take things, decorate it, etc. and keep going!

2 | New Hobbies

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when you feel your life getting a bit too stagnant or repetitive, it's always a great option to try a new hobby. why not add plants to your living space and learn to take care of them? or perhaps learn pottery and make your own cute set of plates! maybe you can try a new exercise like jump rope or yoga, or buy a pair of roller skates or learn to surf, and have fun!

3 | Spirituality

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for many of us, having a faith is an important aspect of our lives. many of us though, struggle with finding something that feels right. I think this is a great time to really explore what feels right for your spirit. buy some books, join an online community, listen to some podcasts, and most of all meditate with yourself. find what it is that feels right for you.

4 | Journal

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journaling can take multiple different mediums. it's not just writing about your day on a notebook. it can also include making playlists, bullet journals about video games, scrapbooks, or even writing articles on we heart it! this is a great tool to let your mind run wild with your imagination, and allow yourself to explore the ideas that you've been wanting to manifest but haven't been able to.

5 | Social Media

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while it's important to log off and allow yourself to disconnect from time to time, I think that it's also equally as helpful to find something within the online space that enriches your life. social media is a great tool that can connect you with anything and anyone from all around the world. join an animal crossing community, or try out a new recipe and share it in a cooking forum, or maybe find a new book to read on youtube from the booktube community. the world is literally at your hands!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you'll feel inspired to try out some of these and bring some new little joys into your life! ❤

This article was written by @alepatera on the We Heart It Gazette.